Life Rambles: Four Favourites in the Smallest Room

A while back I promised we’d share our updated spare room, which was so almost ready. And then we had a blind mishap and had to start from scratch on that front, piled the room high with all our books and other stuff as we sorted our own rooms, and then we couldn’t find the perfect frames. So things aren’t quite as brilliant as we hoped and we’re not yet ready to share the box room love. Hopefully soon we’ll sort that though!

In the meantime we do have one room ready to share with you and that’s our downstairs toilet, this is the smallest room in the house and was definitely an unexpected bonus when we moved in. However, it wasn’t quite us. All the fixtures are fine and definitely don’t need changing. Phew, think of the expense we’ve been spared! But the stone coloured tiles were too yellow when paired with the weird peach, yellow, cream hybrid of a wall colour that was the entire house. So we started there and threw white paint everywhere and it made such a difference. Immediately the room looked tonnes better – lighter, brighter and bigger – and we had a blank canvas again.

Once that was done it was just about adding accessories, which is where today’s post of favourites comes in.


First up was changing a £10 mirror I picked up in a charity shop two years ago. Whilst I adored the shape of the mirror as soon as I saw it, the gold just wasn’t right. It was quite worn and patchy in places and I knew a different colour would make all the difference.

Smallest Room Reveal - The Home Front - This and That Blog

Spray paint was the answer and after much deliberation the minty green colour we chose was just perfect. It’s the perfect shiny splash of colour against the white wall and is ideal in such a small room.

The Smallest Room - The Home Front - This and That Blog

We paired the revitalised mirror with some pastel coloured photo frames (number two on our list), two which I picked up in a local gift shop when we were waiting to exchange, and two that we were given by our cousin when we moved in. The foursome are ideal for showing off some of our favourite postcards and prints and can be updated whenever! I think my favourite of the four prints is the Toy Story character sketch – so cute! Although I’ve no doubt we’ll be changing these postcards on a semi-regular basis!

The Smallest Room - The Home Front - This and That Blog

So that’s the walls, but what else? We added a numbers three and four in our favourites post – a brilliantly bright flamingo covered lampshade that I had in my bedroom at the flat and that, along with a big wicker basket with grey trim that houses the loo rolls and fits perfectly under the sink, is it. The room is done and it’s so nice to be able to tick one room off the list – hooray!


-Fi x


Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

That mirror is magical!! I was always afraid to spray paint things thinking the paint might come off, but after doing our fireplace surround I want to spray paint everything now.

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