Out and About: Fabric of India at the V&A Museum, London

Sunday was a day of birthday celebrations for my Mum. My sisters and I decided to take her to visit the Fabric of India exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. As soon as this exhibition, to explore the handmade textiles from India, was announced we knew that Mum would love it. The colour, the history and the material aspect are all win win for her. So we booked our tickets and off we went.

Fabric of India Exhibition - Out and About - This and That Blog

I wasn’t really sure what to expect if I’m honest, I mean I know that anything the V&A puts together is going to be well done, but this was stunning. There was room after room of textiles, dating from the 3rd century all the way through to present day. The thing is it’s not just reams and reams of materials. They’ve got videos explaining how indigo cloth is dyed or how printers create their blocks, current designs from designers influenced by Indian designs and fabrics. You’re shown what plants are used to create each colour of dye, you learn the history of the cotton trade, see fabrics and clothing from so many different times and there’s even an 18th-century tent owned by an Indian ruler, fully up and standing that you can walk through/under. The detail on the material is unimaginable and just the thought of the time and effort that went into the creating it has me in awe – never mind how that material is then made into clothing!

Fabric of India Exhibition - Out and About - This and That Blog

I honestly couldn’t recommend this exhibit enough, and Mum was suitably happy. It turns out that she was going to add this exhibition onto her Christmas list – so that’s a relief. Although what to get her for Christmas is now a problem!

From the V&A the four of us headed back to Streatham to enjoy a chilled out afternoon. Dad joined us and there were presents, delicious food, football watching and champagne drinking. The perfect Sunday to celebrate another year of Mum on the planet. Oh and cake. Of course there was cake. The homemade four-tier kind that’s going to be around for ages and ages, because me made so much of it!