Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #9

For many reasons this week has been absolutely awesome, not least because it involved just four days of work, what dream are made of – am I right?! So let’s see what the best bits of the week were…

First things first, we got a PUPPY! Well, the parents got a puppy and therefore I got a puppy! She’s called Luna and we got her on Tuesday, she’s five months old and is a collie lab cross. She was rescued from a pound in Ireland and she seems to be settling in perfectly – no accidents yet and she’s sleeping through the night. So cute. I literally can’t stand the excitement or wait to meet her in real life on Saturday. So far I’ve been making do with loads of videos, Snapchats and photos from Becca, which has been amazing, but nothing is going to be as perfect as actually meeting her! And getting real puppy cuddles. Squeee! OMG I can’t contain the excitement. Just look how cute she is!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Apart from puppy cuteness, there was also an awesome long weekend with the besties in a gorgeous countryside cottage. It was three days of natterings, lazing, giving presents, the first Christmas dinner of the year, Christmas films, lots of relaxing and Christmas music. Real life, actual bliss in a nutshell.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

I also visited the Southbank Christmas markets this week too and of course they did not disappoint – the food is always delicious – pulled pork, mac and cheese, BBQ sauce and cheese toastie and mini pancakes with nutella for the win!

Continuing the festivities, did you expect me to not talk about Christmas now it’s December?!, on Monday we put up our tree and it’s so beautiful! It’s the first time we’ve had a real one of our own, we always had a fake one in the flat but now we’ve got more space we’ve gone for a real one and I love it. It reminds me so much of growing up and the real tree we’d have at our parents. There’s something just so magical about that real tree smell and the twinkly lights. Glorious.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

And rounding out my list we have Snapchat, which I seem to be getting in too at the moment. I think it suits my noseyness perfectly! I really enjoy CiderwithRosie’s and FHasselhof’s snippets of daily life, Elsielarson’s house updates and AspiringKennedy’s super cute children! Any other recommendations for me? Oh and do let me know if you’re on there so I can follow along too and if you fancy seeing snippets of London life, festive fun and of course puppy cuteness (most definitely this weekend anyway) then do follow me over there too, I’m fifievans over there.

So, how was your week, have you started getting festive yet?

-Fi x

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