Wishlists: Christmas Wishlist 2015 – Fi

How is there less than two weeks until Christmas, how did that happen? And also, HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!! I  cannot wait for Christmas, it’s my all-time favourite of year and it’s going to be so wonderful to be surrounded by all my favourite people (and a puppy)! Roll on Christmas day.
As is tradition my Christmas list has been written for a good few weeks now and I’m intrigued to find out what will be under the tree. It’s always so special to see the gorgeous wrapping and to try and guess what’s in the each gorgeous package. Below are a few of the things I’m hoping to see under the tree.
Christmas wishlist
I love a jumper at this time of year and the two on this list will be great additions this winter. They’ll look equally awesome with jeans or over a simple H&M dress with a bright sparkly necklace. Basically perfect for any occasion/event/situation and super cosy too! Talking of cosiness, hello the perfect pair of slippers. I’m not sure how I’ll cope without some new slippers as my current pair are so super threadbare. I definitely need a gorgeous festive pair like these!
I’ve just signed up for the Surrey half marathon, which is in March next year. So I’ll be training hard post-Christmas. Hence the need for new running gear. I particularly like this Gap stuff as it’s not dark and bland but it’s not lurid and in your face – essential in running clothing that I’m going to be wearing on a basically daily basis over the next few months.
Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about my love of books, I know this list implies that with only one book on here. But there are a fair few others on the longer list too – mostly festive or wintry tales that I need to read at this time of year. However, I would also love to see this biography on Christmas day as it looks and sounds fascinating. I’m such a fan of Disney and it would be so interesting to understand the man behind the phenomenon.
No Christmas list is complete without a quote item or two and both these items are necessities. I definitely want to curb the amount of coffee I buy each day, so a coffee mug for early morning starts is an essential for the ‘new’ 2016 me! Also I love this ‘Be silly’ quote, definitely words to live by! Gosh, I really can’t wait for Christmas, to see what’s under the tree, to see favourite people and not to mention seeing others open what you’ve purchased just for them. I really hope they’ll like them!
So, tell me, what do you want to see under the tree and what’s the favourite present you’ve wrapped so far?