In the Kitchen: Red Lentil and Cauliflower Korma

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Let me introduce you to my new favourite dinner recipe, a red lentil and cauliflower korma, which is simply divine – yes it really is that good! {Before I start, can I jut caveat this post with a PSA, I am most definitely not in the ‘new you, new January‘ camp, so the healthy recipe that’s coming up next is about nothing more than warming and cheap food, which is to be eaten with lashings of mango chutney and naan.} We good?

Okay, so let’s begin. When the littlest sister got the below recipe book, (Grains as Mains) for Christmas I was super jealous. Not only do all the recipes look delicious, but grains are one of those ingredients that I love, but most definitely don’t cook with enough. Basically if it’s not an accompaniment to a meal or as part of a salad then I don’t really know what to do with them. The thing I love most about grains is that they are super filling and cheaper than a portion of meat. So this book sounded like the perfect way to introduce more grain based meals into my repertoire. So post-Christmas I headed back to London with a whole load of pictures of recipes from said book and I was ready to give them a go!


This was the first recipe I tried because: it sounded super warming, it’s a curry, we had all the ingredients in the cupboard, oh and did I mention curry? Basically I love curry like every other person in Britain, so being able to make my own version sounded pretty awesome. Thankfully this red lentil and cauliflower korma tastes divine and will definitely be a go-to recipe for me from now on.


1 tbsp coconut oil / 1 finely chopped onion /4 tbsp korma paste / 100g bulgur wheat / 100g red lentils / 400ml can coconut milk / 500ml vegetable stock / 200g cauliflower


Heat the oil and fry the onions for five minutes. / Next add the korma paste and stir constantly for a minute or so. Add the bulgur wheat, lentils, coconut milk, stock and cauliflower and mix well so all combined. / Now reduce the heat to simmer and leave cooking for 30 minutes, stirring regularly. / Once the cauliflower is tender, the bulgur wheat cooked and the texture thick and creamy you’re good to go. / Just remove from the heat, heap into a bowl and serve with the aforementioned chutney and naan bread.

Literally heaven in a bowl. I told you it was super simple, relatively cheap and tasty – have I persuaded you to give it a whirl? Oh and a few final words of wisdom: did you know that ‘bulgur wheat’ isn’t spelt ‘bulgar wheat’? No, me neither. You clearly do learn new things every day!

-Fi x

*Credit: Vegetable image by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash


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