Out and About: Travel Plans

When I look back at my trips in 2015 I can say with 100% certainty that it was a good year of travel. There was Portugal and France (Paris and Pau) but mainly 2015 was all about the UK, with trips to the Peak District, the Kent coast, the Midlands and exploring London so much more. While remembering how great 2015 was I’m also trying to plan my 2016 trips so that I can make the most of my days off and maybe get to explore further afield. Last year was all about moving house. This year is hopefully about travel and exploration. So far I’m thinking about, and hoping to visit, the following places.

Travel Plans - Out and About - This and That Blog

East Sussex – I’ve already had one trip so far in 2016. Last weekend was spent in a cottage on a farm in West Sussex. It was a blissful few days of long walks, fun in the snow and Luna the puppy’s first holiday. So a pretty epic time for all.

Scotland – The Highlands, the coast, I’m not sure where, but after visiting Edinburgh 4 or 5 years ago I know I want to go back to this area of the UK. I have childhood memories of an old stone house in the middle of nowhere with my parents, both sets of grandparents and Fi when I was about 4, so I’d love to explore those areas again. I think I’ve managed to convince the rest of the family to join me – it wasn’t exactly hard, they’re always up for a trip away and my Dad has been waxing lyrical about Scotland for quite some time.

Travel Plans - Out and About - This and That Blog

New York – Fi and I talked about going to New York before Christmas, but I was indecisive and by the time she’d convinced me we realised that we had no time at all to actually fit in a weekend visit. I was not a popular person that week! Anyway, on the plus side it means we know we want to do that trip this year instead. Originally we were planning a birthday trip, but work commitments seems to be stopping that. Never mind though as now we’ll probably extend our trip by a few more days, and fit in other parts of the US. Watch this space.

Eurodisney – If all goes to plan and we get a decision made then this will be a trip with uni friends to celebrate turning thirty. Yes, we are a year late, but it’s still going to be awesome reliving our youth and meeting Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

Portugal – Heading to the Algarve is like going home. It’s so wonderful to land and just switch off, so I really really want to fit in at least one trip there this year.

I’m also debating a weekend away for my birthday, a European city break for a night or two. No decisions on where yet. Current favourites are Prague or Salzburg, but we will see what Fi is thinking and where we end up. I think I might create a new tradition and try for a European city break every birthday – now to convince the sisters!

What trips do you lovely readers have planned. Any must visit places or advice to me? Laura xxx