Life Rambles: Friday’s Favourites #18

It’s Friday, guys! We made it to the almost weekend. Whoopee! I hope you have some marvellous plans this weekend, I’m planning some quality sister time, a mooch around London and a long-arse run. I can’t wait! I’ve had a pretty epic week, it’s not been super busy of full of plans but it’s still been lovely. Not least because of the following things.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Spring flowers. Which means Spring is on the way – hooray! Not that I loathe winter or an adverse to the cold I’m just pleased when signs of Spring start to appear as it means change is acoming. These gorgeous blooms have been pride of place on the mantelpiece for a week now and show no signs of death. Yeah for nature.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Organised bookcases. This makes me sound like a nerd of epic proportions but I’m just going to embrace it! This week I’ve rearranged my room which has meant moving two bookcases and rearranging all the books too. And I’m so happy with the result. My books sure look awesome in their new home. Oh and yes both bottom shelves are full of unread books. Don’t judge me.

New York bound! We’ve booked our December flights and I’m so excited for all the US things. I’m thinking Shake Shack, cheese cake, Central Park, American Eagle, Union Square Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the High Line, slices of pizza and Old Navy. I cannot wait!

Popcorn and movie nights. Saturday night has now become homemade popcorn with m&m’s and brilliant films and it’s really quite awesome. Does anything beat snuggling under a blanket and just chilling out?

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Post run pancakes. I treated myself to yummy banana pancakes post a super long run last Sunday and it was the best decision ever. I had zero guilty over a huge breakfast as it was all the fruit and it kept me running at the really tough bits. Yeah for whoever invented the genius of banana two ingredient pancakes.

How’s your week been, has it been epic?

-Fi x