Life Rambles: Recent Purchases for the Home

When we first moved into our house it was just a relief to actually have a roof over our heads. Not that we were homeless before (or at least not in the real sense of the word) as Fi and I were coming from spending almost 5 months at our parents house in the Surrey countryside. This was due to our original house purchase falling through.

Now it’s not that I don’t love my family, because I really really do. We get on exceptionally well and all enjoy spending time together. But 5 days at Christmas or a long weekend together is a lot different that 20 weeks living together. Especially when you remember that those 20 weeks should have only been 2 or 3 weeks max, then you add in the 3 hour commute 5 days a week and the fact that there was no puppy in sight. Side note: an interesting observations is that the puppy makes everything in the Evans house calmer. Little Miss Lunabean makes us bring the zen.

Anyway all of this made moving day so much more exciting – sorry Evans fam! – and meant that the first thing I wanted to do the day after the move was nothing. And that’s sort of what I did, and while I think I can be forgiven for some procrastinating before actually sorting said house, it’s now over 6 months since we moved in and there’s still so much to do!

We moved from a 2 bed flat to a 3 bed house so there’s obviously new furniture to buy, plus we’ve got a garden now, and while everything is painted a pretty non-offensive cream colour both Fi and I want to put our stamp on our new abode. Now I always said that I wanted to take my time getting things right, rather than buying any old thing, or painting the walls any old colour on a whim. Which is all well and good, and a worthy statement, but I’ve also learned that I don’t make decisions very well. Take the fact that it’s taken me 6 months to decide on a chest of drawers, order it and then unpack all my clothes. 6 months to decide on a white ikea chest of drawers! What is wrong with me?

And it’s not like Fi is any better at making decisions which means that even joint decisions aren’t being made anywhere near as quickly as they could be. So far we’ve managed to complete the following house related task:

– paint 2 walls grey in the living room
– paint one navy wall in the bathroom
– choose a mirror, shelf and storage for the bathroom
– paint the three bedrooms white
– buy a bed and storage for the spare room
– paint the downstairs toilet
– buy or reuse light shades for 5 of the rooms
– buy 2 sofas, 2 bookcases and 1 chest for the living room
– Hang up all the fairy lights
Actually when I write it down like this it looks like we’ve been quite productive. What I’m also noticing is that we’re very good at buying things for the new house. Case in point the below bits and bobs that we’ve purchased recently. Do I need new mugs or bowls? Probably not. But do they make me feel like I’ve got my shit together when it comes to this house? Definitely, which means they are staying!
Home Decor
Now that we’ve looked at all the lovely bits and bobs, here’s a list of what we’ve still got to do:
– paint 2 walls grey in the living room
– paint 2 walls in the bathroom, 1 coral, 1 white
– add TV shelves in the living room
– do something (anything) with the fireplace of doom
– sort out the floor situation in the kitchen/back room/extension area
– decide what the hell we’re going to use the back room for – currently it’s the charity shop dumping ground and washing drying room combined
– kitchen lighting
– buy a kitchen table
– paint the kitchen/back room/extension area
– buy a new bed for my room
– find lighting for my room
– add some sort of personality to my room. It’s currently metal bed, white wardrobe and white chest of drawers, if it wasn’t for all the colour on the chest of drawers I’d think I was in some sort of hospital/convent/panic room nightmare.
– get a loft ladder
– properly board and insulate the loft
– sort out the front and back garden
– clean/organise/add lighting to/decide what to do with the giant shed at the bottom of the garden
Phew! Anyone got any spare weekends over the next year? Help is most definitely needed.
– Laura xxx