Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #22

Happy Friday you lovely bunch! I hope your week has been wonderful and full of awesome people and activities. Mine’s involved all sorts of lovely things, so let’s jump in and chat about a few of them.

First up, guys I did it! I completed my third half marathon. Hooray! Disclosure: it was horrendous and I hated it. This surprised me as the other two time’s have been a mix of hideous and awesome, but not this time. I think there are many factors that meant this was the case – a lack of sleep, a lack of motivation to do the last two weeks of training, Becca’s bout of food poisoning that kept us up the night before, Lau’s India jet lag, to name a few – but really I just knew when I woke up on Sunday morning that it was a bad run day. Sometimes you just have race days like that don’t you? And there’s not much you can do about it except for keep on plugging along. So that’s what we did and 2 hours 47 minutes later we finished. So hooray, we completed it! and really, that was always the goal when starting the race. So go me!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

In other news, Lau’s back from India, hooray! I know she was only gone for a week but it’s still nice to have her back to fuel my Night Manager obsession, encourage me to eat more Mini Eggs as we race towards Easter and to join me on the sofa in pjs by 8pm. Basically I don’t think we’ve stopped nattering since she returned!

Another bright point in a great week – I’ve managed to get most of my cards replaced and find a new purse in just a week – phew! I should probably back up and explain this point, shouldn’t I? Last week I had my purse stolen while at a work event and since then I’ve been struggling to get things sorted thanks to banks being unhelpful, forgetting numbers and not having changed my address on the accounts since I moved. Oops. But I think I’m almost there now with sorting it all out. Thank goodness! And to be fair this pretty pink number is certainly helping the situation. Super-cute right? And only £17 – bargain!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Today I’m working from home to finally sort out some issues in the house with the electrics and while you’d think that would be annoying as it means mess, noise, dealing with contractors and the like, it also means I’m able to type this up whilst sitting on the sofa sipping coffee instead of commuting. What a joy to get two hours of my day back and not spend it sat on a train! I can deal with the other things as long as I’m comfy and I have snacks!

The final favourite thing from the week was a trip to the relatively new Globe Theatre space, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, to watch The Tempest. This theatre is a smaller version of The Globe in the lobby of the original building and is a smaller, more intimate venue which seats about 350 people and is lit by candles. It’s a really lovely venue and the play was really good, despite the fact we couldn’t see a small part of the stage. If you’ve never been to the Globe or this new playhouse, I highly recommend it! Plus, our tickets were only £20 so it’s totally affordable as a mid-week treat!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

So, how has your week been? Tell me your highlights!

-Fi x