Life Rambles: What’s on my Dressing Table?

Greetings friends! Today’s post is all about what’s on my dressing table. Yes, I’m calling the giant top of my chest of drawers my dressing table. This is something I didn’t have in my old flat and something that I didn’t realise I needed, until I unpacked and created this space  in my new house.
It’s funny how that happens, you don’t have something, then when you get it you can’t imagine how you survived for so long without it. Like mini eggs, you don’t think about them at all from May to December and then as soon as they appear in the shops in January you wondered how you ever coped without them. That’s how I’m now feeling about my new dressing table space.

What's on my Dressing Table - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

So, what’s on my dressing table?, I hear you  cry! Well, quite a lot! As my dressing table/chest of drawers is the only space to put things on display in my room, I have plans for pictures to be hung, shelves to be made and then shelves to be filled. But right now all the parts of me, that make my room mine, can be found here on this chest of drawers.
First up is jewellery storage. Boring but necessary. This picture makes me realise that I have a lot of jewellery, which is surprising as I tend to wear the same few pieces each day; earrings and watch and then I just change things up with a necklace. This jewellery stand is a few years old now, I think it’s from Oliver Bonas. The fact that I can see my necklaces makes me a lot more likely to add one to my outfit each morning!

What's on my Dressing Table - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

The painting was a gift from my lovely friend this past Christmas, she actually painted it for me – what a superstar! It’s soon to go on the picture wall, but for now it’s perched here and makes me smile each morning. There’s nothing like a motivational quote to start your day the right way. No more moaning about early starts – I’m taking these words to heart.
I purchased the radio last summer – it was the first thing I bought with my John Lewis birthday vouchers. I spotted it in Kings Cross Station after a weekend away and I straight away decided I needed it in my life. That’s why I love vouchers – they enable a person to shop spontaneously. Normally I overthink everything, but not this time. I’m obsessed with the colour and I love that it’s got both DAB and normal radio {although I’ve not quite figured out the DAB setting yet}. Plus there’s a bluetooth option. Also clearly green is a favourite colour of mine – I’d never of said that, but looking at the radio and jewellery stand it’s becoming pretty clear!

What's on my Dressing Table - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

There seems to be a lot of Hogwarts paraphernalia dotted around here too. What can I say, I’m a Hufflepuff and we badgers like to show our house and school pride. Look closely and you’ll spot my Hufflepuff badge and a mini Hedwig keyring perched among my things. The tankard is one of my favourite things. I couldn’t resist it on my last trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, luckily it turns out it’s supper useful to keep all my bits and bobs in. Alongside my Sherlock Holmes mug and owl glass of course.
So there we have it, just a sprinkling of my favourite things. What can be found on your dressing table?
Laura xx


Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

I just got a new dressing table! And thought I’d be all minimalistic and then realised I have too much crap for that to happen haha. I like that jewellery stand, I need something like that for bracelets

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