Wishlists: Happy Birthday Fi

Happy Birthday to me (well almost) – hooray! I’ve been counting down to the big day for at least the last six weeks but it’s only recently that I’ve actually thought about the presents themselves. How is that even possible?! I worry about myself, really I do. Anyway, its high time I did, so that’s what I’ve been up to this Easter weekend, whilst also eating all the eggs, bingeing on blogs and DIY, DIY, DIY. So here’s a list of lovely things that I would really rather like in my life.

According to the below pictorial list it looks like I’m in the market for a spring wardrobe that’s stripy and full of cognac shoes. What can I say, I’m predictable? Seriously though can you blame me? I have a lot of stripy things but not really anything with vertical stripes and now I’ve seen these two items with a mix of both I’m in love and need them! As for my new apparent obsession with tan shoes, I’m not sure where that’s come from, but at least both pairs will go with everything I wear. I also need to stop talking about Salt Water sandals and just buy some already, I swear I’ve been wanting some for at least a year. Why not get some just in time for the spring, that’s just sensible if you ask me! I of course had to add a necklace to the list as its me – but again this one, like the shoes, will go with everything I could possibly want to wear this spring and summer.

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I’ve been looking for a really good red nail varnish for a while and I’ve heard a few people recommend this Nailed brand, so I thought why not give it a whirl. Imagine bright red toes in either of my new pairs of shoes – *heart eye emoji*s all day long! Spring means a new scent is essential, especially if your favourite was in your bag and stolen, woe is me, but this one smells delicious! I also really need a new version of the original Daisy perfume – in case anyone reading this wants to treat me. No takers? Okay then…

Lastly we have the books, obvs I had to put a few on there. I love Deliciously Ella’s recipes and have been enjoying the sneak peeks she’s put on Instagram recently of all the new recipes in the book. And I can’t wait to get trying them all and upping my veggie intake at the same time. Also there’s a new Mhairi McFarlane out just in time for my birthday. What a coincidence! Seriously though, I need the latest book from this hilarious author asap, if it’s even half as good as her other books I’m still going to be laughing the whole way through! Oh and pens because they’ll make my new bullet journal super colourful and organised – let’s face it I’ll need all the help I can get…

So there we have it, my full birthday list – now let’s hope that someone finds it and treats me to awesome things!

-Fi x