Life Rambles: A DIY Disaster and Washi Tape Solutions

So we’ve been in the new (and awesome) house nine months and we’ve only shown you one room update. How rubbish are we? In our defence who knew it took so long to do anything DIY or house related. Granted we’re not the best at making decisions. It’s most definitely a work in progress – both the house and our decision-making skills! But we’re definitely getting there,  fingers crossed they’ll be more updates soon…

In the meantime do you know what makes our lack of updates and progress worse? We had a mini DIY disaster on the one room that was completed, our downstairs loo, about a week after we nattered about our four favourite things in said room. Our four lovely pastel pictures frames fell from the wall taking half the paint with them. So yeah fails all round! Thankfully we’ve finally got our arses in gear and fixed the problem with the picture frames. After hunting for a new picture hanging solution and failing each and every time we reached a solution, thanks to our awesome Bruges accommodation!

Life Rambles - A DIY Failure

Our lovely hosts had used Washi Tape to keep postcards and useful notes on the wall – what a genius idea. It looked pretty, can be changed and updated easily and won’t ruin the paint work – hurrah! I’m a huge fan of washi tape and use it ALL THE TIME for presents and parcels but I’d never considered it was the solution to our picture frame dilemma. But guys, it looks so damn good. I literally want to washi tape all the things to our walls now.

Life Rambles - A DIY Disaster Life Rambles - A DIY disaster

This one makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. And just had to go by the mirror!

Doesn’t it look amazing? We’ve kept our new picture wall to a limited colour palette, which means we’ve been selective and still need to add a few more to complete it. But so far I’m super happy with it! If you do spot any prints that are yellow, black, white and hot pink themed hook me up. As I need them in my life to make the picture wall complete!

– Fi x