Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #26

Happy Friday guys and how are you? Have you had a spectacular week? I really do hope you have! I’ve had an awesome week, but birthday week’s tend to be that way don’t they? So let’s celebrate that its Friday and look back on the awesomeness that was the last seven days…

It’s officially official, I’ve well and truly jumped on the Hamilton bandwagon. I’ve been dipping my toe in over the last few weeks and whilst away I got a chance to properly listen to the song lyrics and google Alexander Hamilton’s story. Only then did I realise how incredible this story and the subsequent musical really is. Then I went on a YouTube/Wiki/Google quest to discover all the things about Hamilton there are to know and three hours later I’m fascinated. If you’ve not delved into this world yet then I implore you to watch the below video, which shows Lin-Manuel Miranda performing one of the numbers at a White House dinner back in 2009 (Miranda is the creator and actor portraying Hamilton on Broadway). Then read this brilliant article on why Hamilton matters, finally watch the video here which shows the cast performing one of my favourite songs from the show (skip to 8:51 if you don’t have time to watch it all). Please tell me your thoughts on Hamilton after this. I need to know if you’re a convert or not…


As mentioned above this week was my birthday week, with Tuesday being the actual day, and spoiler: I love birthdays! All the love from family and friends as well as cake and celebrations and embarrassing pictures on Facebook and lovely cards and days off and presents and fun, what’s not to love? I’ve only had a couple of presents so far as we’ve been away, but they have been just perfect. Someone’s been paying attention to the birthday list as I’ve received all the coloured pens I could need, awesome red nail varnish and the Deliciously Ella cookbook. People really are just lovely. Further celebrations and catch ups are planned over the next week or so and I can’t wait. Really birthdays are just the perfect excuse to hear from and meet up with your favourites!

Friday Favourites - Birthday Presents

Recently I’ve been feeling the need for all of the new clothes and I’ve been saving a LOT of things over on ASOS. Does anyone else do that, save things on the app and then a month or so later whittle down the list to the absolute essentials (or at least the things you can’t stop thinking about)? At the moment I’m really feeling I NEED a new mac, New Balance trainers, new jeans and a new watch. Will I be strong or not? It really does remain to be seen…

If you follow Lau or I on Instagram or Snapchat you won’t have failed to notice that we’ve been on holiday, or our #Belgianholibobs as we’ve coined it on Insta. We were as a bit of a birthday treat (perfect excuse) and spent four or so days exploring the gorgeous city of Bruges, the town of Ghent and the foodie delights of Brussels. We had such a blast eating and walking around these historical (and gorgeous) cities. There was so many gorgeous buildings and historical things to see, not to mention lots of puppies to coo over and yummy food to savour! Stay tuned for a proper update soon or head to Insta if you want to see some of what we got up to sooner!

Friday Favourites - Belgium Hollibobs

I’ve been properly adulting recently and this resulted in us finally taking delivery of a new kitchen table and it’s a total beauty! It’s a classic pine table from Pine Solutions and we love it. It’s only been up for a week and even though we were away for most of that week it’s already making such a difference to life as we know it. It’s just perfect and I’m loving sitting at it of an evening typing away and being productive, it’s certainly better than collapsing on the sofa as soon as I walk in the door!

Friday Favourites - New Table

Clearly the paint rollers, blinds, washing on the radiator and messy table lose me blogger points…


Finally I just wanted to mention and absolutely brilliant book that I read whilst on holiday. I was lucky enough to get a proof copy of the glorious The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Milwood Hargrave and I was blown away. This book is the most magical tale of one girl’s journey to rescue her friend. It’s a story of courage, friendship, discovery and magic and it’s captivating and beautiful in so many ways. It’s out in May and you must read it.

Friday Favourites - The Girl of Ink and Stars

So there we go, some of my favourite things this week – how’s your week been and what were your most fantastic moments?

-Fi x