The Book Corner: Four Favourite Reads

Happy Monday everyone! Are we all ready to take on the world and get all the things done? I’m determined to have a productive week ahead of my trip to Bruges this weekend and the resulting two-day week when I’m back! Fingers crossed that works! Anyway, back to the point of this post: books! I’ve read some truly epic books over the last three months so I thought it was time to natter with you about them.

The Book Corner - Four Fantastic Reads

So let’s dive straight in! I’ve read 16 books this year, that’s almost a third of the way to my 2016 Goodreads goal in a quarter of the year – this bodes well! And apart from one book, which seemed to be as hard to read as wading through treacle is, I’ve been treated to some excellent books. Looking at the list here, you’ll see that it’s mainly young adult fiction and so-called ‘women’s fiction’ that I’ve mostly been diving into, which makes sense to me. I always prefer books that I term ‘comfort reads’ in the winter months when my brain doesn’t seem to like working hard.

I won’t bore you and discuss all the books I’ve read so far in 2016, but I will share a couple of them with you. Firstly Rebel of the Sands the only book I’ve awarded five stars to this year. I couldn’t not do this as it totally blew me away. I managed to blag a proof (early) copy of this book and moved it to the top of the pile as I heard such good things about it. It’s about a girl who wishes she could explore the world and get out of the dead-end desert town she’s stuck in. After the arrival of a stranger to the town, Amani gets her chance, little does she realise everything’s going to change. She’s suddenly stuck in the middle of a rebellion, unsure of who she can trust and who she really is. This story is a brilliant blend of the Wild West and Arabian Nights, magic and romance. It’s unlike anything I’ve read in a long time and from the first page I was hooked. If you like thrilling, all-encompassing stories, featuring brilliant and hideous characters and authors with an amazing ability to world build then this is definitely worth getting your hands on. It’s so good!

Talking of good books I’m now properly hooked on Victoria Aveyard’s series, which so far includes Red Queen and Glass Sword. I whipped through Red Queen and have just finished Glass Sword – although the latter took a while to get into, the series is most definitely a brilliant series for anyone keen on fantasy, teen reads featuring strong characters (including evil geniuses, reluctant heroes and flawed heroines), plot twists and turns on every page and writing that sucks you in from page one. seriously, why are you still reading this post – get to the nearest bookshop!

And now to another favourite book of the year, one that’s been out forever and ever that I’ve never been tempted to read until recently and the release of the film adaptation – RoomWhat a wonderful novel, guys why didn’t you make me read this before, it’s just heartbreaking and emotional and glorious all at one. I’d always been so anti this book as I assumed the subject matter would make for a bleak and soul-destroying novel. And yes while the concept is horrendous and moments are just heart-wrenching, Emma Donoghue has manager to craft a wonderful, life affirming book that you can’t not love. The relationship between the two inhabitants of Room is just superb and I defy you not to love it.

So there we have it, four of the books I’ve loved so far this year. Fingers crossed there are many more gorgeous stories just waiting for me to devour them. How’s your reading going this year and what’s your favourite read so far? I may just have to add it to my TBR pile…!

-Fi x