Wishlists: Laura’s 2016 Birthday Edit

How is it April already? I swear each year goes quicker than the one before. My parents used to tell me that the older I got, the faster time would go. I didn’t believe them. I do now. Parents really are always right – don’t tell mine I said that though!

The beginning of April always brings the birthday planning to the forefront of my mind. As well as planning something fun to do (trip to Bruges), buying Fi a birthday present (still no idea although she has now written a list so that should help a little) there’s also my birthday present list to make. Funnily enough that’s normally quite an easy thing to d0!

Birthday Wishlist

Currently I’m lusting after a few pieces of clothing for spring/summer. I’ve had my eye on this striped top for a while – can’t go wrong with anything from OB.  These two dresses will be staples for the next 5 months I’m sure. Plus a coral jumper is a necessity for those chilly evenings and the perfect way to add a bit of colour to a more muted outfit. If fact that’s the way I roll in most outlooks of life – this wishlist kind of hints at that, doesn’t it!

Next up is some house bits and bobs – all my vases are glass so I want something a little chunkier, I actually think these two would work well together, with a bunch of flowers split between them. And I still need a lightshade for my bedroom, this one has a bit of glamour about it, plus it will add some richness and depth I think.

I’ve been needing a new purse since before Christmas and I think I’ve finally found one I like which doesn’t break the bank. I’m still deciding on the colour though, both the yellow and the metallic gold are excellent. I’m also still coveting this ring that was also on my Christmas list.

Finally I think I want a fitbit. I’ve been having an atrocious time with my Jawbone Up, the app has not been working and there’s been some awful customer service too. So I think it’s time to bite the bullet and move brands.

So there we go. That’s my birthday list. What do you think? Here’s hoping I’m a lucky lady and end up with one or two of these items come the 12th.

Laura xx