Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #32

Hi everyone – how are you all on this frankly awesome bank holiday weekend. This weekend is badly needed so that I can do all the things including get all the sleep, finish all the rooms and bake all the food. Oh and do a 10k too. Fun times! But before I head into the long weekend you’re all due a little friday favourites post, I’m sorry it’s so late. I’ve been away for work and so therefore I’m behind on everything – hence the need for a long weekend and all the sleep!

So first up in my happy things from the week – a little work trip to Denmark and LEGOland in Billund, which was all kinds of awesome. Not just because it was fascinating and because I was with an awesome group of people, but because of all the LEGO creations in our location! I’m not sure I’ll ever be  the person who doesn’t get excited by awesome LEGO things being in every corner of the hotel. Like this Mexican band or Darth Vadar who was just hanging in the entrance, as you do! Oh and did I tell you we went to a LEGO shop and I got a bit carried away. Oops…

This and That Blog - Friday Favourites

For some reason I decided that I needed a new bag for said work trip and somehow I settled on this beauty from Debenhams that was double the cost of the original one I spotted. Oops, I don’t know how that happened… In my defense it’s received a ton of compliments and it makes me smile every time I see it, because look at the pretty! And isn’t it the best colour for summer? {and typically it’s now in the sale if you’re tempted!}

This and That Blog - Friday Favourites

Yesterday I finished reading one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?. I’m not usually a big reader of non-fiction books but I’ve heard loads of brilliant things about Mindy’s two books so finally grabbed one to judge for myself. And boy am I pleased I did – it’s so insightful, hilarious and, above all else, honest. I loved Mindy’s unflinching essays about confidence, beauty in Hollywood and what it takes to be a success. She has a real way with words and I found myself snort laughing numerous times. If you don’t read the whole thing I implore you to at least read the first chapter, her Harvard commencement speech and the section about dating one of the president’s men.

This and That Blog - Friday Favourites

It sounds ridiculous but this week I’ve really missed my morning Starbucks Coffee, being at a two-day conference meant I was left at the mercy of conference room coffee. Which was served in urns and incredibly strong ensuring I could never quite get the milk to coffee ratio quite right. So Thursday morning’s venti extra hot cappuccino from my trusty Starbucks was very much needed and most certainly enjoyed. It really is ridiculous how happy a good coffee can make me!

How’s your week been and are you as ready as I am for the long weekend? What incredible plans do you have?

-Fi x