Out & About: Ghent

Once again we are harking back to holiday discussions with another blog post about mine and Fi’s birthday trip to Belgium. Considering we had less than five full days we definitely packed in a lot of things. First there was a stay in Bruges and then there was a day in Brussels at the end of the trip, but between those two places we also managed to tuck in a day trip to Ghent.



Yes, we made an effort to pack it all in, because why not? Isn’t that the point of going on a city break? To see all the things?

Anyway, back to Ghent. I all honesty I have to say that I wasn’t all that impressed by Ghent. In fact I have a feeling that staying in Bruges spoiled Ghent for me. I just didn’t warm to it at all. I think because it was bigger than Bruges and slightly more industrialised and I was probably expecting something along the same lines as Bruges.



Don’t get me wrong there was some lovely parts to Ghent. Like the little square that we ate lunch in, or the quiet park we found to sit and watch the world, and their dogs, go by. And the castle. But overall these things didn’t remove Ghent from the list of places that I don’t plan to visit again. Sad I know, but I’m just being honest. I would much rather head back to Bruges or explore Antwerp instead.



But let’s not get sad about this. Instead, let’s talk about Ghent Castle. Which was definitely a highlight of the trip. I’m a sucker for a castle and this one made me feel like a Game of Thrones character. There was ginormous and thick castle walls, a torture chamber, turrets with winding staircases and stunning views out across the city.



There is an excellent self-guided tour around the castle, so we took our time wandering through and learning all about the history. And because it was self guided it meant that we could bypass, and lose, the school parties that were visiting (it was a week day). So yes, if you go to Ghent make sure you visit the castle.



Also this is the station. Isn’t it gorgeous?



Have you ever been to Ghent? What did you think? Any other nearby destinations that I should visit next? Let me know below.

Laura xxx