The Home Front: The Ultimate Accessory Storage System

Evening guys, I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend? Mine’s been lovely with the perfect mix or chilling out and doing all the things and family and friends. I think a particular highlight was a catch up with seven ex colleagues at a gorgeous countryside abode, it’s been 18 months since we were all in one place so there was an awful lot of catching up to be done. It was marvelous.

As I was typing today’s blog title I have to admit I felt pretty good and as if I was doing this whole adulting thing pretty perfectly – I mean has there ever been a blog title that screamed this person has her shit together? I mean I use the freaking words *storage system*. Who even am I?! Anyway, that’s enough congratulations and pats on the back for me, let’s get on with the actual genius that is my new storage system and rewind to a pre-Christmas brainwave…

Imagine the scene: it’s a week before Christmas, I’m all about the festive tunes on the headphones and the red cups *insert heart eyed emoji* and I’m seriously counting down to the end of work, but I’m still lacking present ideas for the parents… Apparently four books and vouchers does not an acceptable Christmas list make, who knew?! Anyway, after some random internet searching I happened upon the genius that is the Block wire mesh memo-boards and I remembered mentioning a month or so previously how much I liked how Oliver Bonas display some of their stock behind their tills. They used similar wire boards in bright white and they looked AMAZING with everything on display! And just like that a decision was made.

The OB Holiday Shop is now open! Browse the edit in store & online ?☀️ #OliverBonas #Summer

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So now we fast forward to normal time when I finally got round to putting up my two mint green boards and set about organising them. {Why has it taken over five months to get them up I hear you ask? Basically I’m rubbish at decisions and couldn’t work out where to put it but that in no way negates what would otherwise be an amazing show of adulting – okay?} Can I just say that I’m one of those weird people who takes joy in putting things in their place especially when everything was an insane mess before, so you can imagine how happy the below scene makes me. It’s seriously just the best thing ever. Now that everything has its place I’m able to see all the things I’d forgotten about and wear them loads more, which is great and has meant all the compliments. It’s really amazing what a difference it has made. Oh, and I now get out the door a lot faster without having to untangle a billion necklaces or hunt for the perfect pair scarf. Go me.

One of the other awesome things about this newly organised space? The awesome quotes and lovely pictures that cheer me up when the thought of leaving my bed fills me with something less than nice thoughts!

So there we have it, can we safely assume I’m a proper adult now as I’m super organised (in this one tiny area of my life at least…)!

-Fi x


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