Thought of the Day #77: You’ll Never Know

This and That Blog - Thought of the Day #77: If You Never Try

Wise words from the world of Disney for this Tuesday morning. We really shouldn’t be surprised that Pocahontas came out with this little tidbit, after all she was rather clever and knew much more than those foreigners trying to invade her beautiful forest. Not least how to get perfectly straight non-knotty hair even when she was running and diving off cliffs. Jealous, me?

But seriously it’s a fair point, how can you know what’s going to happen unless you give it a whirl? Why worry about something so much that you don’t do it, why not just dip your toe in and give it a go? What’s the worse that can happen after all? Who knows you might be surprised and discover something spectacular about yourself or the world around you. The likelihood that things will be disastrous is really very unlikely, especially if you’re a planner and think everything through first.

And hey if you’re really lucky you’ll save your people and fall in love at the same time! It worked for Pocahontas after all.

-Fi x