In the Kitchen: Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast Scramble

Today I wanted to share a recipe for breakfast scramble which is a recreation of something from my childhood. Before we get to that let me tell you about our weekends. When I was a child, Sunday was the one lazy(ish) day in our house. Every other day was a hive of activity from 6:30am onward – yes even on a Saturday. Saturday was the day of the early morning food shop (my Dad with me and my sisters) and house cleaning/washing (my Mum). Gosh we really knew how to start the weekend!

But on a Sunday my parents weren’t up and dressed by 8am, instead we’d all be a little more lazy and spent our time reading the papers at the kitchen table, with a pot of tea and fresh coffee. Alongside this we’d have a cooked breakfast for our Sunday brunch. Everyone would have their jobs and we’d rush about for 30 minutes getting things done, and then sit down and feast. Alongside the obvious toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, poached eggs, sausages and bacon we’d also have something called breakfast saute from Sainsburys (here’s the version available now, but it looked a little different 20 years ago). It was a rectangular vacuum packed package containing potato, bacon and eggs and it was delicious. I have memories of fighting Fi for the final spoonful. So when Fi and I had leftover new potatoes the other day and a pack of pancetta in the fridge we decided to recreate said delicious meal. Surely it couldn’t be that hard.

Indeed it wasn’t. In fact it was so simple to make that we then spent ages wondering why we hadn’t made this before. It was that easy. Since then we’ve made it once a week. Either for brunch on a weekend or as a simple dinner option after work. It really does work for any meal. I dare you not to become obsessed…

Ingredients: Olive oil / leftover potato (we use 500g of cooked new potatoes) / 125g pancetta / 2 eggs

What to do: Heat the oil / whisk the two eggs together / fry the pancetta and potatoes in the pan until the pancetta is cooked and the potatoes have browned on the edges / add the egg and black pepper to the pan and mix it (hint: you’re looking to scramble the egg rather than make an omelette) / Eat.

So there you go, it really is an incredibly easy meal to make. Plus depending on the time of day you’re eating you can add many different things. If you’re having brunch add some french bread or baked beans to bulk it out a bit. Or if it’s a lunchtime breakfast scramble that you-‘re after then with a handful of lettuce leaves, some cherry tomatoes and slices of pepper for a filling (and delicious) summer salad.

What do you think? Do you make something similar? Laura xx