Wishlists: Pay Day Wishlist

It’s almost payday weekend, woohoo! And what better way to celebrate than with a payday wishlist, am I right?

Yes, my payday is the middle of the month, you’ll just have to deal with it. I honestly think marketers are missing out on the mid-month pay day email opportunity. They all come straight into my inbox at the end of the month where I promptly delete them all, because it’s not my payday!

Let us for a moment ignore the sadness of my bank account and instead float away on a daydream of epic proportions to look at, and fawn over, what I would buy if I didn’t have a mortgage and bills to pay.


Summer Wishlist

How amazing are those flamingo shoes? I feel like I may cave and click buy on these soon, they actually make me smile just looking at them. I think I would have the happiest feet in the land. Also spoiler alert, I’ve already bought that chambray dress and it’s amazing. It’s my go to weekend outfit at the moment, with leggings and a jacket obviously, because hello cold!

Yes, I am very aware that this looks like a summer wishlist even though Summer has yet to make an appearance in the UK so far this year. Oh well, one can only hope that this may change sometime soonish. Pretty please with a cherry on the top. And if not I’ve got a trip to Portugal to plan for, so if (or when) the shopping fairy decided to deliver these to me I would definitely make use of them. I promise.

What’s on your wishlist for the summer? Is anyone else alternating between jumpers and sunglasses? Is that just me?

Laura xx