Wishlists: Summer Bedding

Back when we first moved into this house the first thing I wanted to do was buy myself a new bed. I’ve needed a new mattress since I was in my old flat, but I kept putting it off. I told myself that after we’d moved I would get organised and then buy myself a new bed and mattress. Well fast forward nearly two years (one since we moved) and I have only now get my act together and done just that. My new bedstead and mattress arrived over the weekend and it’s 100% worth the wait.

When I was describing the epic decision making that comes with making these purchases a friend asked if I’d bought myself new bedding to go along with the new bed. And I shocked myself my realising that I hadn’t. What is wrong with me. Clearly these three things come hand in hand, right? Surely the equation goes a little like this?

New Bed + New Mattress + New Bed Linen = A Wonderful Night of Sleep.

That was my feelings anyway. So now I’m trying to find the right bedding. I want simple, that also has a pattern. Colourful, without being over the top and good quality, without being expensive. Easy right? Below are a few of the options that i’ve been looking at.

Summer Bedding
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As we’ve worked out by now, I don’t do decisions very well. So I still haven’t committed to anything. But I will soon. Hopefully!

Which of these would you choose? Do you have any favourite shops that you’d recommend I look in?

Laura xx