Life Rambles: Time to Rest

The below is a bit of a rambling post i’m afraid. I just started typing this the other day just to get things out of my head. Does anyone else do that, or is it just me? It’s probably just me to be honest! So I apologise in advance if it doesn’t go anywhere, or make total sense to you. But I needed this, and that’s surely a perk of this blog.

I’ve been so busy over the last few months, with weekends away, work, house organisation, planning and prepping all of the things that I can feel myself starting to burnout. I just seem to have the constant snuffles at the moment and I know that this is down to not looking after myself properly. I know that being this busy will make me ill.

I know this.

And yet it still happens. I still don’t slow down.

It’s self-care 101 really. Three things for a better you; allow your body time to rest, get some exercise and eat well.

Pretty obvious right? But of course the busier I get the less time I have to go for a run, to have a lie in or take the time to properly cook.

Recently I’ve tried scheduling in weekend days where I don’t have anything planned at all in the hopes that I will do some of these things for myself. But of course I end up caving and saying yes to things that sound more exciting. Which then makes me tired and doesn’t leave me time to exercise or cook! So it’s becoming a vicious circle!

I don’t know what I hope to achieve in this post, it’s a little bit of a brain dump really. But maybe telling you what’s going on or how I’m feeling will make me more accountable to myself. I don’t know. I can dream right?

In an ideal fairy-tale world here’s what I want to do better and to look after myself:

~ Get back to running twice a week. I miss it. I miss the time to myself, the thinking or not thinking, the rhythm of my feet pounding the pavement and my breathing being in sync. I know that one weekend run and one weekday run really is achievable.

~ Use my kitchen. Often over the last few months I’ve opted for easy wins in the kitchen; bread and cheese, frozen pizza bases, pasta bakes or even just toast and this needs to stop.

~ Stop and read more. My main reading time happens on my commute, oddly enough I don’t sit and read at home. Occasionally I’ll have a lazy morning in bed, but most of the time I’m doing other things. So hopefully I can sit and read more, I’m thinking Sundays in the garden or an evening curled on the sofa with a candle lit and the radio on in the background.

So there we go. That’s how I’m feeling right now and I guess a potential plan to hopefully change this over the next few months. We will see how things go, I guess.

Does anyone else feel like they have a problem with this? How do you make sure you look after yourself and allow your mind and body time to rest?

Laura xxx


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