The Home Front: Fi’s Bedroom Ideas

So yes we’re a year into living in our hew house and I’m only now sharing my thoughts on what I want to do in my room, which incidentally is only half-finished. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a shell of a room and it’s perfectly lovely and livable, it’s just not exactly what my brain wants it to be, at least not yet! So far I’ve painted the walls white and bought some of the new furniture and storage I need, like this accessory storage area. But I still need a new bed, shelves, pictures on the wall and lots of finishing touches. Below is what I’m aiming for – a bright room with lots of wire, wood and grey – with bright ops of colour from all areas. Let’s be honest with the amount of stuff in my room it’s not going to be minimal and plain – it’s going to be bright and colourful and hopefully look lovely!

Fi's Bedroom Ideas


Bin / Wire Shelving Unit / Lamp / Armchair / Finches Print  / Bed

Flamingo Cushion / Grey and Yellow Cushion Cover / Throw

So there we go, now I just need to work on it all. I’m hoping that by Christmas it’ll be finished, it shouldn’t be that hard as it’s just a case of buying things and putting things up – the real decisions and hard work (the painting) has been done. But with my procrastinating abilities, who knows. Wish me luck!

-Fi x