In the Kitchen: Mocha Cupcakes


Let’s talk about cupcakes. Cupcakes, are the best thing ever. There’s something about the size of them and the ratio of icing to cake that feels so decadent. Seeing rows of cupcakes in a shop makes me smile and eating one doesn’t feel as bad as eating a slice of cake. Also I think they are my favourite thing to bake, it reminds me of baking with my Mum and my Nanna in my parents’ kitchen. Of licking the bowl, watching them in the oven and then decorating the tops with all of the sprinkles and hundreds and thousands.

With Bake Off being on TV at the moment I had it in my head that I’d bake every week, but it just hasn’t happened, honestly I don’t know where my time goes during the week. Anyway to make myself feel better about this, and because I’ve had this cupcake recipe in my head for months, I decided to do some baking over the weekend.

Like I said I’ve had the idea for mocha cupcakes for awhile and I’ve been looking around for the right recipe. But to be honest with you nothing was really taking my fancy, everything seemed a bit complicated. So I decided to play around with my** own chocolate cake recipe to create a mocha cupcake version.

Also as it’s nearing the end of October, and the spookiest time of year, I turned them into Halloween cupcakes with some gummy Halloween sweets that taste of autumn. Yes seriously! The ghosts are apple flavour, yay! Granted they’re not super Halloween themed, but let’s be honest no one wants orange teeth thanks to orange icing and as long as you put a spooky sweet on the top you’re going to have Halloween cupcakes.




These cupcakes are deliciously fluffy and light and have quite a coffee kick in them, so you may want to adjust the coffee to chocolate ratio. You’ll see I went with a plain icing this was because of the good coffee flavour that the cupcakes already had. If you’re a complete coffee fiend and want to up the flavour even more then you could add ready made coffee to the icing too. But I like these exactly as they are.

For the Cakes

Ingredients: 6oz margarine / 6oz caster sugar / 6oz self raising flour / 0.5 teaspoon of baking powder / 2 large eggs / 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa powder / 0.5 tablespoons of coffee granules / 2 tablespoons of hot water

Method: Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well / spoon in to cupcake cases, filling halfway / Bake for 20 minutes on 170C/335F/Gas Mark 3.

For the Icing

Ingredients: 225g butter at room temperature / 300g icing sugar

Method: Cut the butter into chunks / add the butter and icing sugar to a bowl and mix together / once the cupcakes are cool, top with the icing and decorate with further sprinkles or treats.

What have you been baking recently? What do you think to mocha cupcakes?


**all my baking recipes are actually from my Mum, because she makes the best cakes ever. I like to think that using her recipes gives me a small percentage of her talent. Thanks Mum! x