The Book Corner: 52 Books in 42 Weeks

I did it guys! I’ve completed my Goodreads challenge, to read 52 books in 52 weeks, already and with ten weeks to spare. Hooray! This also doesn’t include manuscripts, of which I’ve read a fair few – at least 15 I’d imagine. So yes I’ve been quite good with the reading this year, and most of the books I’ve read I’ve loved and would recommend to others. I’m not quite sure how to discuss my year in books, I know what I’m like and if I start writing a review for each book we’ll be here forever, or more likely you’ll give up after the first thousand words!

So instead here’s my 2016 reading challenge in numbers and if you’re interested in what I’ve read you can have a gander over at my Goodreads 2016 Reads shelf.

52 – books read

42 – weeks of reading

25 – books aimed at young adults/teens

23 – books read in a series

19 – books aimed at adults

8 – books aimed at younger readers (9+)

4 – crime books read

4 – short stories read

4 – books read for (at least) the second time this year

2 – non-fiction books

1 – poetry books

If you want to know what else I’ve read and my thoughts on some of them, then have a read of some 2016 bookish posts: A Reading┬áChallenge, Four Favourite Reads and a Current To Be Read Pile.

What about you, what delights, or not so delights, have you read this year? Any I need to add to the pile for the next ten weeks or for 2017.

-Fi x