Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #55

Happy Friday one and all. I’m typing this at a super early hour on Friday morning as I commute into work. Today is another train strike day so it was a case of getting up early and hopping on a bus to Brixton to then jump on the tube. All the fun that you could possibly want on a Friday morning, am I right? This week has also been really busy, which is why I’m only just starting this post, normally I’d be adding to this post throughout the week. But to be honest, the hideous early start is being cheered up by the reminiscing that comes from planning this post about the last few days. Maybe every time I get an early bus on train strike days I should spend my time creating a Friday Favourites post. It’s definitely worth considering.

First up this week is the fact that over the weekend I actually started on my Christmas present making for the year. It suddenly dawned on my that I really didn’t have many free weekend to get myself organised for the big day, especially if I factored in needing to craft a few things. So on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening I spend a good couple of hours prepping and starting some projects and I’m tremendously excited to get further into the projects and see how things turn out. Wish me luck!




Next is my early morning on Monday. With the clocks turning back it has taken me a while to get into the right rhythm again, meaning that I was up super early on Monday morning, normally I wouldn’t be happy with this, but instead of staying in bed and thinking about the fact that I wasn’t sleeping, I got up and exercised. Only for 25 minutes, but hey 25 minutes before 7am on a Monday is pretty impressive in my book. Plus while I was cooling down for a shower I did some bullet journaling and organised my Christmas pages – it’s never too early to plan FYI.

As I said this week has been quite busy and hectic. I’ve had a couple of external meetings that have seen me traverse across London. But I’ve actually spent my time walking to the meetings rather than using public transport, and it’s been so lovely. I forget how much I love walking through London town, there’s so much to see, and each day or route is different. I’m definitely going to try to do this more often, even in the winter it’s still nice to do, as long as I wrap up extra warm of course!




I spent yesterday up on the 10th floor of my office building running some training sessions. It was a very focused day with a lot of talking, my brain was hurting at the end of it, but it was also a great experience for me. I like pushing my boundaries and this seems to be happening more and more, I’m really enjoying my worklife at the moment. Plus between the sessions I was able to escape onto the balcony to discover a really gorgeous winter day waiting for me. It was all blue skies and rooftops views. What a treat.

So there we go, the things that have cheered me up on this early morning long commute. What have been your weekly highlights?