Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #51

Friday Favourites in London over Christmas. Train strikes, Christmas decorations


I’m not one to moan but this week has been a particularly horrible one. I should clarify that nothing too out of the ordinary has happened, it’s not been a drastically terrible, big awful event week. But it has been a week in which I have been exhausted, and when I’m tired everything else seems so much harder to deal with, and I know that this is all on me, because I let myself get in this situation and didn’t plan in rest time like I’ve been doing this year, so really what did I expect. But also Eurgh, why can’t I run on a few hours sleep and countless coffees? Why is tiredness my downfall? Everyone else gets hangry, but I get tired and then miserable. Anyway because of this I thought I’d include some of my least favourite things of the week, alongside my favourites, this way I can get all my irritation out in one go and then end on the highs of the week!

So without further ado here’s what’s been bringing me down this week:

Train strikes, yes these are still happening, seriously Southern I’ve had enough now. I don’t even have the energy to decide who is right or wrong. All I know is that it’s been impacting my commute since April. This week has been particularly bad with Southern trains suspending ALL services for three days. Aren’t I the lucky one.

So alongside the Southern train strikes on Tuesday there was a signal failure at Brixton Underground station. On train strike days I get a super early bus to Brixton and then jump on the Victoria line. But not on Tuesday. To be honest with you, if I’d had the energy I would have cried at 7:15am on Tuesday morning when I arrived in Brixton to be met with a huge queue of people and a shut station. Thank god for London buses hey, once again they saved the day.

Like I said, I’m tired and that’s because this week has been busy. I commuted in from my parents house on Monday morning, I’ve had a Christmas party and a Christmas lunch, there’s been two nights out with friends and all the busy works days that come when it’s the last week of most people in the office. In hindsight I should never have committed to so many events, especially on a week that has 3 days of strikes, but I also don’t like the fact that I have to organise my social life around this train situation, that’s not a way to live a life.

So again, there’s nothing that’s been drastically hideous this week, but these little things coupled with tiredness have really ruined me this week. Thank god for the happy things alongside this that have kept me (almost) sane each day.

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And here’s what’s been perking me up:

On Saturday night I headed out for dinner and theatre fun with a group of friends. After snaffling down the delicious macaroni cheese at The Riding House Cafe we headed to the King’s Cross Theatre to watch In the Heights, a musical about a community in Washington Heights, New York. This is my second trip to this show, and this visit was just as brilliant as the last. It’s such a fast paced show and it completely capture my attention and imagination. If you can catch it, then I highly recommend it.

On Sunday I hopped on a train to Horsley to spend the day with the family. We decorated the parents’ Christmas Tree and it looks fantastic. Never mind when I put up my own decorations, it’s decorating the parents’ tree that really signals the start of the festive period to me. We had a great time, listening to carols and Christmasfying the house. Plus there were puppy cuddles, a roast dinner and family board game time. Although I can’t believe that I lost at Trivial Pursuit – this will be rectified before the end of the festivities. It MUST be.

Also all these early mornings and evenings in London are allowing me to enjoy all the London sights, from early morning views of the canal to late night lights at King’s Cross or Oxford street. You really can’t beat all the pretty views that are all around you.

Monday night was our work Christmas party, and while I wasn’t able to get any of the canapés that were wandering around, I did have a wonderful time catching up with all the people about all the things. Yesterday also saw our team Christmas lunch so this week has been all about the Christmas fun.

The plus side of these train strikes is that my bus journey is the perfect time to do all the reading. I started my new book on Tuesday morning and I’ve got 20 pages left to read. Obviously it’s a good book, that I can’t put down, but the fact that I have a good 45 minutes twice a day of uninterrupted time to get some reading done is obviously also helping.

On a final note with all the Christmas fun I’ve been able to wear my new Christmas jumper. I picked it up in the sale earlier this year, so have been waiting to wear it for what seems like ages! It’s so soft and warm and it has sequins and pom poms. What’s not to love??!

Are you all set for the festivities that are arriving next week?

Laura xx