Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #53: 2016

So 2016 is almost over and done with, how did that happen? I feel like every year I exclaim over how fast the year has gone and then each new year disappears even faster. Please can this stop now please? I’d quite like 2017 to be at a slightly slower pace, so if someone could sort that out then I’d be forever grateful.

Before we jump into 2017 I wanted to have a little bit of a chat about 2016, and I thought I’d do that in today’s Friday Favourites post. I don’t want to do a long overview post, more a touch on the highlights from each month.



Instagram 2016 Best Nine: Disneyland Paris / Pancakes for Breakfast in Portugal / Dishoom

Coffee at Granger & Co. / Frosty Fields in Horsley / King’s Cross Canal Views 

Central Park, NY / Christmas Decorations / Shake Shack Lunch


January: Saw me puppy sitting, a snowy weekend in Sussex, theatre trips, finding a new favourite meal – lentil & cauliflower korma and a weekend in Leeds.

February: Was about Pancake Day celebrations at The Diner, house organising, cracking into my Harry Potter colouring book, making creme egg brownies and half marathon training.

March: Saw me buying all the fresh daffodils, a work trip to Delhi, India, completing half marathon number 3 – the Surrey Half, a trip to The Globe Theatre, Easter in Surrey and walking around Chobham Common. The Ideal Home Show and Afternoon Tea at The Ham Yard Hotel.

April: In April I bought a cactus jumper which has quickly become my most worn piece of clothing, a trip to Whistable with the Besties, Starbucks spring cups and embracing Snapchat. Then there was a birthday weekend with Fi to Belgium, receiving a Barbour jacket so that I can embrace my inner country bumpkin on countryside walks with the pupster. Taking part in the Brighton Colour Obstacle Run and introducing Luna to the beach.

May: Saw me starting a bullet journal, discovering local cafes that do the most delicious sandwiches.  I had brunch at The Breakfast Club and ate doughnuts from Borough Market while walking 7 miles around London. I completed the BUPA London 10k and celebrated by eating scones on the Southbank.

June: Included a pre-work breakfast at Granger & Co, King’s Cross, playdates with babies and toddlers and visiting the House of Minalima. Then there was the creation of breakfast scramble, gallivanting off to Disneyland Paris, Brexit and crazy golf at the Junkyard Golf.

July: Was all about the sleeper train to Inverness and spending a week with my siblings, parents and Luna pup in the Scottish Highlands. Once I was back in London it was all about visiting the V&A museum, obsessing over Pokemon Go and buying myself a new bed.

August: In August I started a new job, watched Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and then headed away for a trip to Portugal which involved all the running, all the reading, all the relaxing and all the eating.

September: Was all about afternoon tea at Sketch and brunch at Dishoom, meeting new babies and a weekend of wedding fun in Chichester. I discovered This American Life podcast and fangirled over the fact that Hamilton is heading to the West End in 2017.

October: Saw me watching NFL games in London, Up at The Backyard Cinema and reorganising my living room. There was an autumnal weekend staying in Surrey and crunching all the leaves on all the walks, I rediscovered Lush bath bombs and broke out the slow cooker for a weekly Sunday slow cooked dinner.

November: Was all about the Christmas crafting, ambling around the V&A and Christmas coffee cups. Pret Christmas sandwiches, a mother, daughter brunch date and ceramic painting. Also there was baking chocolate peanut butter cookies and heading back to Leicester to reminisce about uni days. I also finally got my hair cut to the shortest length ever and loved it. We finally finished painting our bathroom and I made the most delicious savoury breakfast muffins which have become an almost weekly occurrence around here.

December: Exploring all the Christmas lights around London and then heading to New York City and doing exactly the same thing, plus so much more. Watching In the Heights with my favourites, exploring the Kings Cross area, two more trips to Dishoom, Christmas crafts round 2 and then CHRISTMAS!

So there are my highlights of the year. The moments that I wished could have lasted forever (although maybe not that for the running though). How was your year, what were your highlights, what do you wish you could relive?

Laura xx

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