Wishlists: Laura, Christmas 2016

Greeting beans! How are you all this lovely day? I am so happy that it’s Saturday, I haven’t stopped since getting back from NYC last Wednesday so I am in need of some serious rest & relaxation over the next two days. Luckily for me I have zero plans, which is quite miraculous when you remember that it’s the weekend before Christmas. My current plan involves, lie-ins, last minute gift shopping, a run (or two), Christmas films and some baking. Utter bliss!

As I’m doing some last minute shopping I thought I’d share my Christmas list, just in case anyone out there, including Santa Claus himself, is stuck with ideas on what to get me. I personally think I’m pretty easy to buy for, and I’m always grateful to receive any gift at all, so I don’t think anyone can go wrong, but it’s always good to give ideas, just in case, so here are mine.

Christmas 2016

Bullet Journal / The Girl Who Saved Christmas / Crooked Kingdom / The Body in the Library

Purse / Stacking Ring / New Balance Trainers 1 & 2 / Pyjamas / Bag


First up on my Christmas list is always the books. I love to give books at Christmas and I also love to receive them. I’ve been so tempted to buy both The Girl Who Saved Christmas and Crooked Kingdom since they were released, but I’ve held off because of Christmas, so I’m really hopeful that these two appear under the tree on Christmas Day. I’ve also decided that I want to read more of the classic crime novels. Crime is probably the genre that I read the most, so I’ve decided to educate myself by reading more of Agatha Christie. The books of hers that I’ve read, I’ve loved, but I’d like to read more. And own more. I really love the jackets on these ones at the moment.

Within the first hour of being in New York, my purse broke and I’ve been making do with an old one, of course I looked there for a replacement, but didn’t really find anything that I loved. And then when I got back I saw this one and instantly new that it was the one. The colour is amazing, mustard is the one! Also after walking over 100K steps in 4 days during my New York City trip my trainers are in dire need of retirement, either of these New Balance pairs would do perfectly. Simple and classic, but with a pop of colour!

I think a Christmas list should include items that you wouldn’t buy yourself, and that’s what the bag and ring are. Both slightly less practical items that make me swoon just looking at them – imagine how I’d be if I actually owned either one??!

I’m also looking for a new camera, as I’d like to have something other than my iPhone to take photos on, so I’ve asked Mr and Mrs Claus for some money towards that. All in all I think there are plenty of ideas for anyone wishing to give me a present this Christmas time.

If I receive any of these on the 25th I’d be one happy bunny. Tell me what’s on your list this year or what are you buying other people? Any unusual gifts being shared this year?

Laura xx