The Home Front: The January House Update

So welcome to our very first monthly house update, following on from last week’s 2017 house plan where we discussed ALL THE THINGS that need doing in the house. So how’s it gone I hear you cry? We’ll our house progress has been minimal this month. Mainly because we’ve been waiting on tradespeople to get back to us. So there’s not a shed-load of progress to show – as you’ll see from the below.

One thing we have done is to create a super-colourful excel spreadsheet where we are tracking all the house jobs. This has made such a difference in many ways. Firstly we know exactly what needs to be done and who is in charge of it. And we’re able to keep a track of how much everything should cost. Spoiler: a LOT!

House Update: What’s been ticked off the list?

Lau’s been super organised and rearranged her room, which has made a huge difference. It looks so much bigger now.

We’ve also made progress on the kitchen, in so far as we’re in agreement that the sink needs moving but that the rest of the layout works as it is. So no need to move any of the appliances or the cupboard order around, we just need to update the cupboards, get a new work surface, a new oven and a new sink. Simple. Oh and we’ve done the all important measuring part of a new kitchen – who knew that was so complicated?

Other than that we’ve not really made much further progress this month. In our defense we have zero money, which is an integral part of making progress on the house. Plus it’s only been ten days since I decided I wanted to track our progress monthly.

House Update: What jobs have we progressed with?

There’s quite a few jobs that have moved forward over the last few weeks. Firstly we’ve booked in a few tradesmen to do some of the bigger jobs. So later this week we’ll be getting shelves in three of the alcoves – exciting! For two massive bookworms the current bookcase situation in this house is definitely not good enough.

The hideous fireplace is also being removed this week, one of the most important jobs on the house to do list if you ask me. The current fireplace is just the worst, and it’ll make such a difference to the living room

The final thing we’ve made progress on is the loft – we’ve finally booked in someone to floor it. Whoopee! It’s about time too, as it was last April that we cleared it out, yes we’ve done nothing on it for nine months. Oops!

House Update: What’s the plan for February?

We’re hoping to have a big old house update for you in February as the above bits of progress should mean we can move forward with loads of other jobs. Firstly, organising the loft. Once it’s boarded we’ll moving stuff up there. Everything from our summer clothes to the suitcases and the Christmas decorations to the blow up bed will be headed up there. It’s going to make such a huge difference to have more space in the house once all the clutter has gone.

In line with sorting out the clutter at home, we’re planning a big charity shop trip to dispense with four large boxes of stuff. Plus the council are going to pick up a lot of stuff from our shed. Basically February is all about a serious spring clean in the house!

Once we’ve got the shelves up it’ll mean that Lau’s room will be done, so that’s a big tick. Sorting the shelves also means we can paint the back room and get organising the shelves.

The final big job for February is to plaster the fireplace once it’s sans mantlepiece. We also need to add a shelf as a mantlepiece, paint the chimney breast and replace the hearth. It’s going to look so lovely!

Basically February is going to involve a lot of the big house jobs, which’ll certainly make up for January’s poor effort.

-Fi x


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