Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #54

Greetings friends, and how are you this chilly Friday? I’m full of cold and have the world’s worst sore throat, so yeah for 2017. But on the plus side it’s almost the weekend and they’re have been some delightful things happening during the first few days of 2017. Now I’m not a big one for resolutions in a new year, as I fear I’m setting myself up for failure, but I do think that’s nothing wrong with rethinking habits. So this year I’m focusing more on balance – in work, food, exercise, family and friend time. I want to ensure I do more of the things I love, spend more time with those I love and treat myself while also fitting in all the things I have to do and need to do to ensure I’m happy and healthy. So fingers crossed that works this year.

The pupster, just chilling, on New Years Eve

This week we’ve cooked delicious food all but one evening and it’s been wonderful. We’ve had yummy food (from our current fave of chicken pilaf , to baked potatoes pilled high with baked beans and cheese to turkey meatballs with courghetti) and we’ve set the world to rights while chopping and stirring and boiling. It’s been perfect. Next up is a Butter Chicken Curry this weekend and sweet potato fries – not together obvs!

Another thing making me super happy today is my new Bullet Journal System. Granted it’s only been in use for six days but it’s definitely keeping more organised so far and I take a ridiculous amount of pleasure in updating it each day. There’s definitely something rewarding and relaxing about colouring in those little habit tracker boxes and filling the pages each day. It’s the small things! I know I talked a lot about what I was planning to do with my 2017 bullet journal at the end of last year and I promise to update you on my new planner, maybe a month in so I know which of the pages are really working.

Did anyone else find going back to work on Tuesday super hard? I most definitely did and I think it’s because I genuinely had a very relaxed and wonderful weekend, I think once you’re super relaxed it makes going back to reality even harder. So that’s what’s third on my favourites list; a relaxing and lovely weekend. We cooked, as previously mentioned, baked, organised, shopped, read, watched good TV, went for unnecessary coffees, made plans for the year and just generally did what we fancied. Oh what a joy that is. Oh and I watched lots of new Netflix stuff – Gilmore Girls, Shooter and Designated Survivor – all of which are bloody brilliant. You must watch them all!

Another relaxing part of the weekend: New Year’s Eve. Yes that’s right my new year was really calm – it was perfect, perhaps my ideal evening. We got Chinese, watched Harry Potter, had puppy cuddles and sat in our pjs. Yes, that’s right I’m 31 going on 85 and I could not be happier.

But before we settled down to an evening of pjs and Chinese we headed to Wisley RHS Gardens to go to Christmas Glow, a temporary light show that winds its way through the gardens. The lights are all flower shaped and were beautiful and it was the perfect way to explore the gardens, no matter how many times you’ve been before. If it’s back next year you most definitely need to visit.

One final awesome thing to note is the glorious film that is A Monster Calls, I watched it last night and it’s wonderful. It’s a brilliant adaptation of an excellent book and you can’t watch it without having your emotions wreaked by the beautiful acting, lovely story and stunning animations. You must watch it.

So that’s it, the first of our favourites post for the year, go me. I’ve achieved something else this week! What made your first week of 2017 glorious?

-Fi x