Out and About: Travel Plans 2017

It definitely isn’t an exaggeration to say that 2016 was a pretty epic year for holidays. I experienced the joy of New York at Christmas, the magic of Disneyland Paris and the complete utter relaxation of Portugal, plus there were a few birthday days in Bruges, Brussels and Ghent. And then there were the long weekends; in the Kent countryside, Leicester, Leeds, Whitstable and beautiful Chichester. Not to mention an unbelievably picturesque trip to Scotland – possibly my favourite destination of the last year. So yes, I was thoroughly spoilt in 2016, which is why I want to make sure that 2017 holds just as many wonderful weekends and exciting adventures to a whole host of varied spots.

First up let’s chat about the trips that are in the pipeline already. Well I’ve just got back from Manchester, trip one of the year. Then in a couple of weeks I’m off to Leeds again – so that’s two long weekends in the UK already in the offing. As for other UK holidays, I’m planning another Kentish weekend for later in the year, although where is still TBC. Do you have any top tips for where to go in Kent? I’ve visited Deal and Whitstable, oh and Canterbury, but I think that’s it so send me your thoughts.

I’ve also decided that another UK holiday I’m taking this year is to Cornwall, it has to happen. I went when I was about twelve but haven’t been back since and it’s calling my name. Those beautiful rolling hills, the stunning beaches, the delicious food – all of this needs to happen this year. I just don’t know when…

One holiday that is definitely happening is Salzburg, we booked our flights this week and I’m so excited!  We’re headed there in May for four days, after talking about adventuring there for about five years. There’s nothing like planning for a hell of a long time, is there! Has anyone been there? What do I need to visit? Hit me up with all the ideas! As for other European destinations, I’m planning on a Portugal trip (or maybe two) this year, but I also want to go somewhere entirely new. Maybe Madrid or Budapest or Prague, or Greece for some sunshine. Basically I can’t decide – help me!

So there we have it, just a few of the trips I’m planning over the next twelve months. So far that’s only six definite places and another maybe place, I definitely need to up my decision-making and planning game – that’s rubbish! Where are you headed this year, please send me suggestions of where I absolutely must visit. I need ideas!

-Fi x