Wishlists: Shopping the January Sales

Good morning and welcome to a quick wishlist based on the January sales. I’ve been having a look around over the last couple of weeks and these are the things that have been catching my eye. I’ve actually already bought the skirt and mug from Cath Kidston because who doesn’t need a cowboy mug or a skirt covered in pencils? No one, that’s who. Other than that I’ve picked up a few grown up things that I needed, so a suitcase and a lamp for my house. But this list if full of things that I want rather than what I need.



What has everyone else been buying in the sales? Or do you have a New Year’s Resolution to spend less and ignore the shops?

*update* I actually have ordered two dresses (this one and this one) and the coat since I first started compiling this list. But I may not keep them. And it’s still not that bad. Is it??!

Laura xx