The Home Front: The 2017 House Plan

It’s been months and months since we had a little house update for you, I think the last one was a little update on my bedroom’s accessory storage system, way back in May. Eek. With that in mind, and what with it being a new year and all, I thought a little check on where we are with the house and what we’re planning for it in 2017 was in order.

To say we’ve got grand plans for the house in 2017 would be an understatement! There’s still loads we want to do and ideally we’ll have most of it done for August in time for our two-year house-iversary. {Side note: how did that happen?!}

So first up, what we’ve done.
Completed the downstairs toilet
The Spare Room
Made plans for Fi’s Room
Finished the bathroom – there will be a post on that one soon, I promise!
Fitted the loft hatch and ladder
Bought furniture for the back reception room and dining area

And now, onto what we want to do this year, gulp!
Put up pictures in Fi’s room – and then they’ll be a blog update on her room
Put up pictures in the bathroom
Sort shelves for Lau’s room and hang some pictures
Board the loft floor so we can have all the storage in there
Living Room:
– Sort out the fireplace of doom
– Hang up pictures
– Finish painting the living room
Get a new kitchen
New floor for the back reception room
Paint the kitchen, dining area and back reception room
Get built in shelves for the back reception room
Sort out the garden – clear the mess and plant some evergreen bushes
Clear out the garage, paint the floor and walls, sort some shelving and create a games room

So yes, that list is a little overwhelming…

But we’ve broken it down into smaller jobs and have started to earmark certain weekends for some of the bigger projects. So I think we’ll definitely get there over the coming months. As a way to force us into action (and more importantly stop dithering when making decisions) I’m thinking of starting a little monthly update on the blog for you all. Just so we can be held slightly accountable and so we can share where we are with the bigger projects and what we’ve completed of the smaller ones. What do you think, would that be interesting to anyone but me? I have to admit I’m the most nosey person ever so this type of post is like catnip for me!

Anyway, check back at the end of the month to read the first update, eek that only gives me 14 days to actually do some of those projects…

-Fi x


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