Out and About: My 2017 UK Holiday Plans

As previously mentioned 2017 is all about finishing lots of projects in the house to make it more of a home. (Are you bored with me saying this yet?) This means every spare bit of money is going into the house fund and the travel pot has shrunk significantly. So 2017 is basically going to be the year of the UK holiday! Surely exploring the UK will be a lot cheaper without visas or flights to deal with, right? This UK holiday focus doesn’t bother me at all as there are loads of UK places on my ‘must visit asap’ list. It’s basically the best excuse ever for actually ticking some places off said list!

In the past I have ticked off a fair few places in the UK – from Inverness and the surrounding area on last year’s Scotland trip to weekends in Whitstable, Buxton, Newcastle, Bristol and Dublin. I also spent an awful lot of my childhood in Dorset, so that county is pretty much covered, as is Leeds, Manchester, the Peak District and Sheffield. But there are still a truckload of places I want to visit in the UK! For sanity sake I’ve reduced my ridiculously long list down to just five UK destinations I plan to explore this year.


I’ve driven through this old market town a gazillion times but never stopped. Hopefully that can change this year and I can give it a proper explore. I’d love to stop and take pictures of the glorious buildings, explore the surrounding countryside and visit the Cathedral. Also there’s a castle which has King Arthur’s round table in, I definitely need to visit that!


I’ve been to York before so it might seem odd to add this to my list, but it’s such a beautiful city that I feel it needs more of my time. I want to get lost wandering around the streets, and walk along the river and the ancient walls, properly visit the Minster all before having afternoon tea and browsing the shops. It’d be nice to not be rushing around to fit it all in to one afternoon so that I have time to learn the history of this stunning city.


I’d love to spend a weekend in this town in order to immerse myself in the world of Shakespeare. I know a lot of British schoolkids did day trips to Stratford-Upon-Avon while at school, but that’s not something our school ever did and I think I definitely missed out. It looks like there’s so many historic buildings to see, a wander round the town ahead of watching one of Shakespeare’s plays sounds like the perfect day!


I visited Edinburgh about five years ago and had the best time. But I really, really want to go back again. Not only to do the things we missed out on last time – like walking up to Arthur’s Seat and exploring Holyrood Park – but also just for generally wandering around the city and visiting the cute shops and the lovely cafes. Sometimes the pressures off when you’re visiting something for the second time as you don’t have to rush round like a headless chicken to see everything.


I mentioned Cornwall on my recent post about 2017s travel plans and I’m still determined to make it there this year. The more I read about it and browse the gorgeous Instagram photos the more I know I’ll love it there. The scenery just looks so beautiful. If we go I want to make sure we stay near the sea, as it’s always so restful. And then the trip is going to be all about wandering round the coastal towns, exploring the harbour, walking along the beach and enjoying the gorgeous views. Oh, I can’t wait!

NB. This list doesn’t include the two UK holiday destinations we’ve already scheduled in for 2017. First up is a trip to Kent in April and then in December we’re visiting Manchester. Not just for the Christmas market – promise! So yeah for having two weekends away sorted already!

Have you been to any of these places in the UK? Any suggestions on where I should head to first? And where are you headed this year, UK holiday wise that is?

-Fi x