On the Home Front: Home Wishlist

As you know from Fi’s many posts on the subject, we are currently in full house organising mode. We’re painting, building and planning all the things house related at the moment. Of course with that comes the almost immediate need to buy ALL the things, hence this home wishlist. I don’t know quite what my problem is, but I can’t help being distracted by all the pretty things in the shops and online at the moment.

This home wishlist contains a few things that we do need to get for the house, like the lightshade, rug and storage boxes, although there’s no firm decision has been made on what version of these we’ll go for. These are just my current favourites! And yes, okay, we do need to prioritise other items, such as the wooden floor before the rug, but that’s semantics, or at least that’s the line I’m going with!

Home Wishlist


blanket / lightshade / A-Z print / concrete candle holders / rug / storage baskets / vase / decanter

How much do you love those concrete candle holders and the vase? I’m a little bit obsessed with both of them. They’re so different from anything else I’ve seen anywhere and I love the different textures of both pieces. I actually found candles in concrete pots in Lidl yesterday for only £2.99. Obviously I snapped a couple up. They didn’t have the cooper effect on, but that’s okay as the plain versions look much better in my room anyway.

Both the picture and the blanket need to make their way to my house at some point. I think the ochre colour of the blanket will work really well with the teal paint in our living room, or in fact in my bedroom, while I’m tempted to add the picture to my bedroom wall, alongside my London A-Z poster once it’s framed. Is it wrong that I sort of want to start a collection of A-Z artwork. That’s totally normal right??

What are your favourite homeware pieces at the moment. Any amazing finds that I need to know about?

Let me know. Laura xx