Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #58

Hello and happy Friday! Welcome to edition 58 of Friday favourites, yippee! I’m super excited today as by the time you read this I’ll be Leeds bound for a joyful weekend with the besties and I simply can’t wait. So let’s make that number one on today’s Friday favourites list, shall we? After all I’ve spent the last week looking forward to this trip. It’s going to be brilliant!

Also on this week’s Friday favourites list is the fact that we’ve made major house progress this week. Not only have we got rid of the mantelpiece from hell (no exaggeration I promise). We’ve also got one alcove full of built-in shelves, and two more that are well on the way to being full too. YIPPEE! Anyone that read our recent January House Update post will know just why this is such a big deal. Hooray for house progress.

In other awesome news my awesome new prints from Dorkface Shop arrived (just two days after ordering) this week. And everything is so beautiful, even more so than I’d imagined they’d be. So expect to see those up on the blog soon, just as soon as I sort out my picture wall in the bedroom. So knowing me it’ll be in about four years time…

This week I’ve had two opportunities to wander around London before the city has properly woken up. And both times I’ve been afforded glorious sites, bright colourful Carnaby Street facades, Liberty devoid of people and the streets of London at sunrise. Simply beautiful. It really does make me adore this city even more than I ever thought possible. So that’s number four on the Friday favourites list today.

Oh and we mustn’t forget to mention last Friday’s epic besties catch up, with my oldest friends over pizza. We talked about a ridiculous array of things, dived into a YouTube hole featuring Michelle Obama and Joe Biden and then finished it off with the most insane veggie breakfast at my favourite local tearooms. It really was wonderful and I loved every minute. Lucky me for having simply brilliant friends in my life.

What else has made me happy this week? Well there’s been £2.00 bunches of tulips, puppy snuggles and the most wonderful helpful mother in all the land. So those are all worthy of the Friday favourites list. Then there’s been Gilmore Girls marathons and catch ups with the cousins over curry. Again, another tick off the Friday favourites list. Oh and breakfast at Dishoom and brilliant reads. Oh and regular texts from my goddaughter as she discovers the wonder of Harry Potter and has all the questions (and emojis) for me. Really there’s been many many wonderful things to add to the list of awesome things this week. I really am a very lucky egg.

So tell me, what’s made it on to your Friday favourites list? Share your happy things, I love knowing what little (or big) things have made your day or week too!

-Fi x