Life Rambles: Interesting Online Reads

Today I thought I’d collate some of the most interesting interweb articles I’ve read recently into one handy little list. Reading other people’s lists of interesting online reads is always so fascinating. You get to discover awesome new sites and bloggers and to delve into interesting reads and engaging debates. And what’s better than a little bit of a Sunday morning internet peruse? It’s the ultimate in Sunday laziness.

Interesting Online Reads: The Articles

First up we have two Oscar related posts. The first is a fascinating article about how the Oscars have changed over the years. I’d never really thought of it in that way before, but agree the obsession with perfection and luxury has got a bit out of hand and the focus should be on the films themselves. Although having said that I do enjoy flicking through the pictures of the outfits.

Also in Oscar related news, there’s an interesting interview with Joi Mcmillon on Lenny Letter. Joi edited Moonlight and is the first black women to be Oscar nominated in that category. It’s so interesting to hear how she got into editing and how her career has panned out.

Is anyone else absolutely devastated about the latest turn that American politics has taken? This article about the Trump administrations banning of certain news outlets from the White House Briefings is scary. If we don’t have freedom of the press, where is the world going?

Interesting Online Reads: The Blog Posts

In lighter news, A Girl Obsessed’s tips for a smaller wardrobe is spot on. It includes all the tips and tricks that I should be following in my own wardrobe and keep forgetting once I’m at the shops!

From one tip laden post to another, we have Rosie’s post on Minimalism in the Kitchen. The perfect reminder that meal planning and freezing leftovers is the way forward. I think I made a total of three meals at home during the last work week. And by meals I’m including breakfast, lunch and dinner in this, not good at all. the dinners were hard to do any other way as I was out and about meeting friends, but there was certainly no reason why the breakfasts and lunches couldn’t have been made at home.

Granted this next post doesn’t sound that exciting, but it’s been super-helpful for me with our kitchen floor dilemma. Fifi McGee did a post all about choosing between laminate or wooden floors and it answered all the questions I had!

Recipe wise I stumbled across this Banana Chocolate Cake and I NEED to make it. But will it be as good as my go-to banana bread recipe, I mean PB, chocolate and banana cake is hard to beat…

Talking of food, avocado hummus you say? What a genius idea. That’s certainly happening soon. As is this homemade peanut butter from Katy – I eat so much it’s time I made my own.

Not sure how to be using Instagram Stories, other than to post food pics (that can’t just be me, right?)? Then you need to read Me and Orla’s post full of Instagram Story ideas.

Interesting Online Reads: From the Twittersphere

My final favourite read is actually a really good Twitter thread full of #bookmarketingtips. If you’re interested in book marketing make sure you check it out!

So what’s on your list of recent favourite online reads, care to share them with me?

-Fi x