Out & About: Haworth, The Home of the Brontes

If you’ve been anywhere near my Instagram account recently then you know that over the weekend I was up in Leeds, visiting friends. The four of us meet up in Leeds at least once a year so we’re pretty familiar with the city and everything that it has to offer. After cocktails and catching up on Friday night we decided to head out of the city on the Saturday. After much deliberation on where to go we ended up visiting Haworth.

Haworth is the home of the Bronte family. It’s where the troupe of writing sisters; Anne, Emily and Charlotte grew up a lived their lives. You can visit their local church and the parsonage which was their family home and you can still see the school-house where all the siblings taught over the years.

We arrived at about 1 pm so our first stop was for lunch! Food is clearly the priority at all times! There were a lot of lovely little coffee shops and pubs all over the village, so we made our pick and sat down to jacket potatoes, soups and sandwiches. Once we’d eaten our fill and put the world to rights we set off to make the most of visiting Haworth.

We wandered through the streets and made our way to the church and then up to the parsonage, which is now a museum. We didn’t go into the museum but we did wander around the outside of the building and into the shop to take a little sneaky peek at everything on offer. I almost bought a couple of books as they had such gorgeous covers, but I stopped myself in time – there was no way that I needed to be carrying those home on the train.

From the Parsonage we wandered back through the cobbled streets of Haworth where I couldn’t help but marvel at all the buildings. Each house or shop is made from the classic Yorkshire stone and it just makes the whole place look so pretty. Those northern house builders really knew what they were doing!

We also happened to pop into a few of the shops. Guys let me tell you there are so many lovely shops in Haworth. It made me sad that I was only visiting and not living there instead. There was a chocolate shop giving out delicious morsels of salted toffee and coconut oil – I stayed strong and didn’t buy any chocolate, I just tested out the samples! Then there was a lovely local art shop and so many gift shops. My favourite shop by quite a large margin was The Cabinet of Curiosities which was a veritable treasure trove. Filled with bath salts, vintage signs, locally made jams and phrenology heads (FYI: I’ve always wanted one of these). The fact that I manage to walk out without purchasing anything is a little bit of a miracle in all honesty!

So there we go, that was how I spent a few hours visiting Haworth. Have you ever been? What are your favourite  places to visit in Yorkshire?

Laura xx