The Book Corner: Fi’s January Reads

How are we a month into 2017 already? What insanity is this?! Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like this month has flown by, despite it being such a long month. Anyway, let’s get down to it, today’s post is a little January reading update. A moment for me to pause and reflect on the (hopefully) brilliant books I’ve read this month.

Despite January feeling like it’s flown by, it’s actually been a long old month, which has certainly helped me to read six books. Yes six books! How good is that for my Goodreads challenge! So what did I think of them?

January reading update #1 – Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill Mcgown

First up in my January reading update is this gem of a book, which was originally published 30 years ago and has recently been republished to make the most of the Christmas mystery trend that’s happening right now. I finished this book over the Christmas holidays and it was definitely the perfect festive read.  while it had a Christmas setting, the time of year was almost second to the murder mystery of the story, which is the way it should be. Definitely better than them writing a festive read and shoehorning a murder mystery that is so obvious and badly thought out ino it. I really enjoyed the detective pairing in this novel and I definitely want to find more books featuring this pair.

January reading update #2 – Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas

When I unwrapped the next book on Christmas day I was very excited. After finishing book four at the start of December I was in dire need of the next story in this series and this book did not disappoint. It was incredible. You were introduced to more fascinating characters as Maas wove an epic story with her seven or so excellent characters. There were a couple of key scenes in this book that we’ve been building up to for a long while and they did not disappoint. As for the end, oh my. I was not ready for that. It’s safe to say that book six can not me published soon enough.

January reading update #3 – The Minaturist by Jessie Burton

I’ve put off reading this book for a long time, I think I downloaded it on my Kindle within months of its release and yet I’ve only just read it. The reason? I’m not good with books that get a lot of hype, unless I’ve read them before the hype starts. Otherwise they disappoint. However after reading (and loving) The Muse last year I knew it was time to give The Miniaturist a whirl. And? I was disappointed. It was enjoyable and it wasn’t not hard going like some literary reads can be. But I just didn’t really care about what I was reading. I was only turning the page to finish it. Well until the last 100 pages that is. And even when it was interesting I still felt a disconnect with it. Basically, I just didn’t get what the fuss was about.

January reading update #4 – The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury

The final book in Melinda’s epic fantasy series did not disappoint. It had all the amazing characters, impressive world building, pacey action and brilliant storytelling that the first two books had in spades and that I’ve come to expect from the Sin Eater series. I love how Melinda’s female characters are so powerful and strong and don’t wait around for others to save the day or make the sacrifices – these are the role models we all need. This is a fitting end to a phenomenal series and I’ll seriously miss Twylla, Errin, Silas and co – hurry up everyone and read it. I need to get discussing my feelings on this book asap!

NB. I got an early copy of this as I work for Scholastic and worked on the campaigns for books one and two. But don’t worry these views are 100% mine.

January reading update #5 – Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

I loved this book. Despite not agreeing hundred percent with the ending I would still say it’s a brilliant read. I raced through the 400 odd pages in a matter of days and loved how Picoult opened my eyes to the issues of race. She had me questioning how I thought and felt and raised some really interesting theories and thoughts. I also loved her characterisation, how she managed to write three vastly different characters so well I do not know. But she somehow made it so you knew which characters perspective we were seeing each chapter, even when you didn’t read the name at the top. So very very good.

January reading update #6 – Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

I’m ending my January reading update on a book that’s got a lot of buzz over the last few years. Reason’s to Stay Alive is a fascinating read and has made me think so much about mental health issues. It’s given me a small idea of how people suffering with their mental health feel and how I can help. It’s also given me some interesting ideas to ponder about how to react to certain things and what’s important. It really is an eye opening and inspiring read. I would recommend this book to everyone – it’s a must read.

Tell me, what’s your own January reading update look like? What have you been reading and which books have you loved?

-Fi x