Clothes Rail: Three Watches I Wish I owned

Guys, I’m on the hunt for a new watch. Something classic and that will go with everything. Unsurprisingly there’s a load of awesome watches out there, but today I wanted to share the three watches I wish I owned. The watches that I would interchanges on a daily basis if money were no object (sadly I was not last week’s Euromillions winner – I wish!).


But first up, let’s discuss my history with the watch – fun topics over here, always!

It might just be me, but as soon as I hit my late twenties I became obsessed with watches. It was as if a light bulb moment happened and I was all adulty and in need of a classic timepiece. Prior to that my watch thoughts were minimal. I had a lovely silver one from Fossil that I received on a significant birthday, my 18th maybe?) and I wore it for what I dubbed ‘special occassions’. Other than those special occassions my watch game was non-existence, I was all about my phone as a timepiece.

But with my late-twenties I became obsessed with getting a new watch every six months or so. It became a habit to browse the ASOS sale now and again and pick up a watch in the sale. There’s nothing with the watches, in fact I still use one of them regularly, but they just weren’t that exciting. Each watch was nice and cheap, maybe £15 maximum and had a simple face and a coloured strap. In hindsight I should have gone for a decent watch and not gone all magpie like every six months or so.Which is where I now am, I need to buy myself a new watch and I’m researching the hell out of this purchase – I will not regret it this time.

The three watches I’m choosing between.


ASOS – £22 | Olivia Burton – £80 | Daniel Wellington – £110

The ‘Cheap-as-Chips’ Watch

This watch is the sort that past me, the person that’s not focused on the ‘Buy Less, Choose Well’ wardrobe philosophy, would have been all over – once it went into the sale of course. It’s classic, has a thing strap and would go with most things and work for work or everyday outfits. Asos’s watch game really is brilliant.

The ASOS Lifestyle Clean Dial Watch (in Rose Gold) – £22

The Not-So Expensive Watch

Quite a lot of people I know have Oliver Burton watches and they’re all gorgeous. They also seem to last for a long time battery wise, not quite so long strap wise, which is a bit annoying. But at least there are loads of new strap options, there’s nothing worse than not being able to replace a watch strap. I’m lusting over this grey and gold watch thanks to the gorgeous colour combo and the big dial – perfect.

The Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch (in Grey and Gold) – £80

The Expensive Watch

This one is the dream watch, and top of the list of watches I wish I owned. I love the black face and the fact that there are lines for all the minutes in an hour rather than any numbers. And that rose gold colour is just beautiful. I also like that the strap doesn’t look like it’d wear as quickly as the others would.

The Daniel Wellington Classic Black Cornwall Watch (in Rose Gold) – £110

So there we go, the watches I want to own. I’m going to continue pondering them all for a few weeks and then add one to my birthday list – April 12th if you’re asking! Which watch do you all prefer?

-Fi x