Wishlists: Fi’s Birthday Ideas

Despite being the grand old age of *cough* thirty one *cough* I still adore celebrating my birthday. I’m lucky to have never really experienced the sheer panic of feeling like I’m getting old and my life is racing away from me. I don’t know why, it’s just never been a thing. Which is perfect if you ask me as it means that birthdays are still a joyful experience. I really hope that never changes! This year we’re planning a couple of days away in Oxford to celebrate being another year older and I’m sure they’ll be a plethora of cake and family fun too. Yeah for birthdays. One important thing on your birthday? Presents! Who doesn’t love presents? So if anyone wants to treat me – not that you need to of course – here’s some birthday ideas for you all. YIPPEE!

V&A Membership / Gym Bag / The Hate You Give / StereoWalt Disney’s Biography

Gold splat cushion / Ombre CushionLobster PJ Bottoms/ Bright Blue Bag

Last year I got the brilliant gift of membership to the V&A and I’ve loved it. I’ve used it throughout the year to see so many brilliant exhibitions without having to worry about booking. It’s been lovely to be able to be spontaneous and head to an interesting exhibit on the day – I’m not a big planner so that’s perfect!

I always, always have many books to add to my list and this year’s no different. In fact it’s almost more important as I’ve been on a bit of a self-imposed book buying ban this year. I’m a big Disney fan so would love to find out more about the man himself. As for YA there’s a lot of buzz around The Hate You Give right now and I’m dying to read it. It sounds like a really important story. Also on the YA list – books two and three of the Grisha Trilogy as I’m a big fan of book one and need to know what happens next!

As mentioned over here I’m trying to get better at going to the gym and swimming and a new sports bag is integral to this. I’ve finally settled on this Adidas version as it’s not stupidly priced (a key factor if my gym visits dwindle) and it’s big enough for everything I need to pack in there. And because a girl can never have too many bags I’ve added this gorgeous blue Joules bag to the list. I do love a pop of colour in a bag, don’t you?

Oh and lobster patterned pjs have made the list, because quite simply. I need these in my life. Like NEED them.

Star Bedding / Blue Throw / Neon Pillar Candles

The other items on my list make clear my love for current obsession with my newly arranged room. These new items would make my room perfect and ensure I’m content and comfy when I snuggle up in there on a Sunday afternoon. All three of these things are from Hema – my current favourite shop – and aren’t they all lovely?

So there we go – lots of lovely birthday ideas for anyone wanting to buy me presents! Let’s hope the birthday fairies are kind to me this year!

-Fi x