Friday Favourites #65

As I’m sure you can imagine it has been an odd week in London. I’m still trying to understand everything that’s happened and in all honestly I am focusing on the heart-warming moments of bravery and sacrifice that happened on that day rather than anything else. I’ve worked near Westminster for nearly 10 years, and most weeks I walk through Westminster to Victoria train station at least a couple of times, I’m still going to do that, that’s not going to change. I still have a sense of wonder when I see those parliament buildings, and now that feeling will probably be bigger and more meaningful than ever before.

While it may seem crass or insensitive to still share this week’s favourite things, life goes on. It absolutely must go on. We are Londoners and that is what we do. So my first favourite thing is this note from Time Out London. they first shared it after Brexit and they shared it again in the aftermath of Wednesday’s events, and the sentiment still stands, it will always stand, in this city.

On Sunday I went for a run and for the first time in a long while I ended up running further than my standard 2.5 miles. I made myself take a different route and headed to Tooting Common and it was so lovely. Yes, it was hideous to start with, but the longer I went, the better I felt. It feels like I reminded myself that I love to run. Don’t get me wrong I’m nowhere near back to the place I was, but I’m feeling better about the running situation now. Which is definitely a pleasing thought which is why exercise has again made its way onto this week’s favourite things list.

Also on this week’s favourite things list is some good news that I received. Not for me, but for a friend, and it has made me so so pleased. I love it when good things happen to good people.

Finally on the list was last night’s dinner catch up with some friends. We headed to the Southbank for cocktails, Mexican food and a good old chinwag. Just what was needed I think. Plus I was treated to the most glorious sunset view as I crossed the river. Which yet again proofs that London is the best city in the world.

What has made you smile this week? Do let us both know.

Laura xx