Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #64

Whoop, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far and have awesome plans for the weekend. I’m heading down to Windsor Castle for the day and then I will be alternating between Netflix on the sofa and reading on my bed. The pretty perfect plan if you ask. But enough about my weekend plans. Let’s get down to the real reason we’re here, my Friday favourites list. It’s been a pretty awesome week so there are lots of lovely things to talk about today.

First up on the Friday favourites list is the sunshine. The blue sky, sunshiny starts and the warmth this week have all been wonderful. I’d forgotten how nice Spring feels. That sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it? But what I mean is I don’t have an issue with Winter and never really have a desire for Spring to arrive asap. Mainly because it means the year is flying by. But now that Spring is arriving I’m quite enjoying it and I’m realising how nice it is when it’s warmer and only a light jacket is needed.

Also on the list for this week’s Friday favourites post is having the house to myself. Lau’s been back at the parents’ for a few days, puppy sitting the lucky thing, so I’ve been left to my own devices. And it’s been nice. Not that Lau’s annoying to live with, far from it. But having no one else there is quite nice. I’ve been able to leave the dishes for a few days, put mushrooms in everything I cook, watched whatever I’ve fancied (West Wing again obvs) and I’ve even spent an evening lazing in bed reading rather doing anything else (namely the washing up and proper cooking). It’s a nice change.

Last weekend definitely makes an appearance on the list of good things. Actually it could take up three or four spaces quite easily, it was just that good! We had a friend to stay and in our 20 hours together we did so many awesome things. There was all the nattering, cocktails at the Booking Office, Cinnabons for a midnight feast and sharing platters of Chinese food from the best spot in Chinatown. That was followed up by an epic brunch at The River House Cafe, a cultural trip to the V&A for the Lockwood Kipling exhibit and coffee, coffee and more coffee. What a truly epic weekend. Even last-minute, super-speedy catch-ups with friends are awesome.

The final item to make it on to the Friday Favourites post is the arrival of my new bed and mattress. I’ve been meaning to spend my Christmas money on a new bed for ages and just couldn’t make a choice. Finally after much deliberation I settled on this grey beauty from Time4Sleep and a brand new mattress from Amazon. A new bed means it’s essential to rethink the layout of the room, right? So after four hours of bed dismantling, bed building and furniture moving I have a new look bedroom. And I love it! The new layout has made such a difference and I’ve since spent hours chilling out in there. Normally I’m only in my room pre and post sleep, so this is making a nice change. It’s just all super comfy. I love it!

So tell me, how’s your week been? What’s made number one on your Friday favourites list?

-Fi x