Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #66

Greetings friends and happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a lovely week full of your favourite people and things. Mine’s passed by in the blink of an eye thanks to work craziness and lovely evenings. So a right old mix of stressful stuff and lovely stuff. I’m rather glad that it’s the weekend now though. It wouldn’t be Friday without a favourites post so let’s dive straight in to some of my favourite things of the last week.

First on the list of favourite things? The Spring sunshine of course. It’s been an absolute delight to shrug off the massive coats and thick black tights in favour of spring jackets and ankle skimming jeans. Talk about the dream. I’m now on countdown until I can get out my trusty purple Saltwaters. And even, dare I say it? Go bare legged. Yippee!

Number two on my list is walking around London town. I’ve taken to walking the longer route home or into work so that I can take in the London sites. Oh and also to appreciate the nicer weather, plus smelling all the lovely blossom. I forget how much I love the city in the spring. It’s lovely.

Another favourite thing was a mid-week catch up with friends on the Southbank. We hadn’t caught up for an age and finally our diaries worked together so we could have a lovely evening all together. What was even better was our impromptu venue decision. Due to our indecision and getting distracted by nattering we wandered aimlessly for a while turning our back on a lot of the named places for a random turkish place hidden away from everything else. And what a place! It felt like we’d been transported to another country thanks to the restaurants charm. There was live sitar playing, quirky decor and delicious food. The pides (a sort of pizza flatbread thing) were delicious and I’m already thinking about our next trip there. So good and the perfect spot for a long catch up with friends.

On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to head to the Art of the Brick:DC Superheroes exhibition that’s currently on the Southbank. It was for work and it was brilliant. The LEGO installations had all been created by one of LEGO’s Master Brickbuilders and were incredible. The exhibit is organised over a series of different rooms. Working your way from smaller simpler models of Wonder Woman and Batman to more complicated and impressive ones. One of the final ones is an amazing replica of the Batmobile. So, so cool! If you’re a LEGO or DC Superhero fan you really must go visit. I think it’s £13 for an adult and £10 for a child.

One other lovely thing that’s happened this week – I’ve been getting into a bit of an exercise routine and it’s feeling great. Not only have I been swimming once a week first thing in the morning, which is a lovely way to start the day. But I’ve also been going for a 4 mile run on the weekend. This upcoming weekend will be run number three, and while that’s not the longest running habit ever it’s feeling pretty good. So I definitely need to applaud myself. Not least so I make myself go out this coming weekend and don’t lounge in bed all morning. There’s something so good about getting up, going for a run and then getting home by 11.30 to cook a yummy brunch. Some weekends I can waste the entire morning either in bed or on the sofa. So long many this new habit continue…

So there we have it a Friday Favourites list of some of my current favourite things. Yippee for celebrating the little things! What would be on your favourite things list this week?

-Fi x