Wishlists: Sportswear Must-Haves

Recently I’ve been relatively good about not buying anything for myself unless it’s on the approved ‘house update must buys’ list. So that’s meant minimal book buying (just three this year – that’s a big deal for me), no new clothes since January – unheard of for me and no buying random tatt in Tiger. I fear this is all about to change as I have severe lust for so much lovely exercise clothing. There’s just so much nice sportswear out there right now. Not to mention accessories that I really, really want to buy. So today’s post is all about my current sportswear must-haves.

Before I dive straight in to all the new things I want let’s just pause on the following sentence

Four runs and ten half hour sessions on the stationary bike.

That, right there, is the extent of my exercise regime so far in 2017. It’s a big rubbish isn’t it? I don’t know what happened and how this came to pass. A big reason is my lack of willpower, obvs. And the cold weather. Possibly the biggest factor is that I didn’t sign up for the Surrey Half Marathon this March. I’ve completed that race for the last three years and the training plan for it means that I would normally be exercising five or six days each week. But I genuinely have been meaning to do more exercise each week and now it’s March and I’ve not. Where has time disappeared too?

But that has to change and this week I’m back on the exercise wagon. I have grand plans of doing at least three session of exercise, either running, swimming or the stationary bike, each week from now on. Something that’ll help me achieve this? New exercise stuff, naturally. And that’s where my lovely list of sportswear must-haves comes in. Surely treating myself to lovely things will make me want to wear them more and therefore get me to the gym more often. Right?

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So what’s first up on the sportswear must-haves list? Well I’m in severe need for new running leggings, especially ones with a decent sized pocket at the back. My favourites are the blue palm tree ones from Sweaty Betty, but the £80 price tag is putting me off somewhat… So I’ll probably settle on one of the other pairs all of which are lovely. Top wise I want to go for something more interesting – hence the pink, patterned and gold lettering options. So nice!

All self-respecting gym person needs a fantastic bag and these two are beautiful. I can’t choose between the rucksack or holdall versions as they’re both equally nice and suitably practical. They also both have special pockets for wet costumes or trainers – necessary, right? And surely a nice new sports bra and a fancy schmancy new water bottle is a must. Surely with so many lovely new sporty things I’ll make it to the gym multiple times a week. Won’t I?

The other thing I’m hoping that will help with that? Buying a new set of mini toiletries to use post swim or exercise class. There’s something about miniature sized items in a fancy new gym bag that give me hope that I’ll drag myself to the local sports center more often. I suppose we’ll have to watch this space to see if that is the case or not…

-Fi x