The Book Corner: February Reading Update

Hello team! How are you all today? Here’s hoping your week is going amazingly! I’ve finally gotten round to writing my February reading update, despite the fact we’re well into March. Oops! Let’s pretend I was so busy reading and that’s why I’m late updating you all. It had nothing to do with a Gilmore Girls marathon, honest…

February saw me reading six brilliant books, three teen reads, two thrillers and one brilliant beach read. So a lovely mix of titles this month. I’m really pleased I decided to alternate the genres of books I read this year as it’s ensured I’ve not got stuck in a rut and have read a good mix of books. In fact I think I’ve already read more books aimed at adults this year than I did last year.

February Reading Update #1 – Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

To be honest I didn’t love this book, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it and I’d definitely reread it. But it wasn’t a book I adored, which I assumed I would as I LOVED Six of Crows, the first book in the series. I think I just felt like it was going through the motions at times. Having said that it was a good story, I loved being back in that world and I adored seeing favourite characters again. So this is a four star (out of five) book and not the five star book I’d anticipated.

February Reading Update #2 – Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney**

This book was super twisty, honestly I don’t think I’ve read anything as twisty and full of surprises as this before. It was also really well written and the characters were fascinating – I also loved that they were all complicated and lacking in likability. All of these things meant I absolutely raced through this book. However I think the twists went too far at times. I’m all for twists and surprises, but this book felt like it had two or three too many and it would have been a far better book if the twists would have been spread across three books and not packed into one.

February Reading Update #3 – Show Stopper by Hayley Barker*

Show Stopper  is the tale of a young girl, Hoshiko, who is forced to perform as a trapeze artist in a deadly circus. The ringmaster is truly evil and makes the kids perform deadly acts night after night. All for the entertainment of the ruling class. When Ben, one of the ruling class kids, goes to the circus, and sees Hoshiko perform, he realises that maybe the world needs to change. Maybe the country his mother is helping to rule isn’t good and what’s being done at the circus and across the world isn’t right. But can he, with the help of Hoskiko, find the courage to act and rebel against this cruel world?

This book is AMAZING! I adored it and raced through it. Each chapter is told from different perspective, Ben or Hoshiko, and the chapters are short so it’s easy to read a whole chunk of the book without even noticing. The circus performances are perfectly described, so much so that you feel like you’re there watching these deadly acts. The world is brilliantly realised and you’re invested in these characters within the first two pages. I defy you not to love this book.

February Reading Update #4- Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell has also been my go-to author when I’ve been in a reading rut or need the book equivalent of a big hug. Her books are just perfect. They’re easy reads, have interesting characters with unusual backstories and are set in the most beautiful parts of the UK. If you’ve not read her books you must, pick one up next time you’re feeling down or are headed on holiday. Thankfully Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay was no different to Jill’s other books and I adored it. It was just what I needed and I could read it again and again.

February Reading Update #5 – Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee by Mary G Thompson

What can I say about Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee? Well firstly it’s unputdownable. Seriously I read this in two days, it hooked me in from page one. It’s the disturbing tale of two girls who go missing when their 10 and 12, many years later one of the girls returns home but won’t talk about where she’s been and where the other girl is. Are you intrigued yet? It’s a brilliant teen thriller that will have you guessing from start to finish. It’s definitely got echoes of Room thanks to the subject matter, the love portrayed between the characters and heartbreaking nature of it. You must read it.

February Reading Update #6 – The Breakdown by B. A. Paris

I was the biggest fan of B. A Paris’ first book, the brilliant Behind Closed Doors, so couldn’t wait to get my hands on book two. And it didn’t disappoint at all. It’s a brilliantly written thriller with the most appalling characters. The story slowly twists and turns until you don’t know who you can trust. I found this one more of a thriller as you didn’t know who was evil in the tale, unlike in Behind Closed Doors where it was clear from the off. I basically read a third of this from behind my hands as I was worried about what was going to happen. A sign of a good book if you ask me!

So there we have it, that’s February’s reading update done! Another good reading month under my belt. If I keep reading like this I’ll smash through my 2017 goal of 52 way before the end of the year. Whoop! Check back next month for the next 2017 reading update and don’t forget to read last month’s post too. There were some brilliant books in there too!

What are you reading right now? What’s your favourite read of the year so far?

-Fi x

* I work at Scholastic, who publish Show Stopper, so this book was completely free for me. But my thoughts on this book are entirely my own.

**I was gifted Sometimes I Lie  by the publisher (super kind of them) but these thoughts are all mine!