The Home Front: The Bathroom Reveal

So 21 months after we moved in and we’re finally ready to share our bathroom reveal with you. As is the usual with us we did all the hard work a lifetime ago and it’s just been a case of doing the finishing touches before we could reveal all. Honestly sometimes I think we’re the laziest people known to man. I mean for eight months we’ve only had to hang some stuff on the wall to be able to declare it finished. How ridiculous is that!

Anyway, let’s dive into the big bathroom reveal. Firstly I should say that there wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the room. In fact it had been redecorated just before we bought the house. Everything was new and inoffensive. There was nothing wrong with it. It’s just that the cream and white wasn’t our style. It was all just a little too boring!

Strangely enough, for us anyway, we chose the new colour scheme for this room pretty quickly. In fact before we even moved in! During a shopping trip with friends we were browsing one of my favourite places – the M&S Home Department when I came across stacks of fluffy towels. The coral towels were sat next to the navy ones and something just clicked. What a perfect colour combination. And thankfully Lau was in complete agreement. It was exactly what we wanted.

Neither of us are afraid of using colour on walls, hence our rhubarb and custard kitchen in the old flat. And with the amount of light in the bathroom and its large size we knew it would work. Especially considering that the floor and the bathroom suite were all neutrals. We ended up painting opposing walls in navy and coral, with the remaining wall a bright white (our fourth bathroom wall is fully tiled) therefore ensuring that the colour wasn’t too much.

So once the painting was done we just had a few bits and pieces to add to make it perfect. First up was a giant mirror on the navy wall above the sink, which was a great way of breaking up the dark colour, but also worked to ensure the coral and navy were on the same wall with the reflection. Below the mirror we added a glass shelf for face stuff, candles and mini cacti plants.

Next came a wooden storage unit thing that holds our bath rack, a basket of all sorts of toiletries hidden from plain sight, cotton wool in a glass bowl and our lush products. So essential storage but without being too obtrusive. The only other bathroom storage is a wicker basket with a lid that holds toilet rolls next to the sink. It’s so lovely with its shot of pink running around the outside of it.

One finally job before the bathroom reveal could happen? Hanging artwork of course. We discussed putting some Gemma Correll prints, seen here, up on the coral wall but instead opted to leave that wall empty. Instead we’ve put up my five ceramic fish along the top of the white wall. The fish have been collected over the years on trips to Portugal, I think I got the first one when I was ten! They’re all different colours and shapes but fit together so perfectly. They also go well with the four wooden fish I picked up in Florida, again when I was a kid, which sit on the windowsill.

We threw in a couple of towels in grey and coral and we’re done. Out gorgeous colourful bathroom is complete and we love it. And what’s more all those (namely the parents) who thought we were insane for this colour combo admit that it really works. So hooray for that!

-Fi x