Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #68

Hello everyone and happy Easter weekend! This is one of my all-time favourite weekends, why wouldn’t it be when you’re looking at four days off, spring sunshine, all the chocolate you can eat and lovely long light weekends? So you may have noticed this post is going live on Saturday rather than the usual Friday of Friday favourites. Please forgive me for being so rubbish, but it’s been a busy old week and time just ran away from me! So right then, on to this week’s edition of my favourite things…

First up, Happy Birthday to me! So Wednesday was our birthday and I love a birthday. It’s the best excuse for taking a day off and doing something fun. Plus PRESENTS! I’m lucky that I get to share my birthday with someone (Hi Laura) so I always have someone ready to come on a birthday adventure with me. We started with the usual opening of cards and presents before heading off for a birthday breakfast – Dishoom naturally, because it’s the best – before hopping on a train for our birthday adventure, which was in…

Oxford! Our Oxford trip is a separate favourite things point to the birthday one because it was just so much fun! We had about 30 hours in Oxford and we did so much fun stuff! We’d only briefly visited Oxford in the past and literally for brunch, so we’d not explored it at all. Thankfully after a bit of googling, not to mention interrogating others, we had a full list of places to visit, restaurants to stop at and sites to see. Hence we had the most marvelous trip – helped by the super sunny weather on day one of our trip.

In other less exciting, but no less lovely news we spent a lot of yesterday sorting out and organising things in the house and garden. We did everything from clearing out the garage and multiple tip runs to mowing the lawn (well, Dad did that bit) and planting our newly dug flower beds. Not to mention a fair bit of spring cleaning and throwing away of junk. Go us! It really is brilliantly how much you can get done in a few hours of concentrated sorting. I really must remember that!

Next on today’s favourite things list is the joy of baking. So far today I’ve made homemade baked beans and Easter nests and yesterday was all about the homemade buttermilk chicken and sweet potato fries. Talk about yummy! Now that the weather’s nicer it’s lovely to be making some new and different recipes from the last six months. Okay granted the Easter nests aren’t new, but when that much melted chocolate is involved it’s pretty epic!

Last, but by no means least, on the favourites list is our Easter plans. Tomorrow we’re back home to the Parentals for a lovely Easter with family. I can’t wait for board games and drinks in the garden and puppy cuddles and time with the sisterlings. It’s going to be awesome! What about you, what are you up to this Easter?

-Fi x